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How I got half price Sky Fibre Unlimited for 12 Months

So, you want to save money off your Sky Fibre each month?  I will share with you below a quick and easy way to get your Sky Fibre for half price for the next 12 months.  There is no need to contact Sky.  No awkward telephone calls.  No clumsy Live Chat conversation.

Ready to get your reward for being a loyal existing Sky Fibre customer…. Then please read on, it will save you money.  I saved £120.

Sky Fibre, how to instantly start saving in 10 easy steps.


  1. Go to the Sky homepage (
  2. Click the “Sign In” button on the top right of the screen.
  3. Input your login details and then press “Sign In”.
  4. Now click the option that says, “Manage”.
  5. Click the option that says, “Manage Package”, this is located at the top.
  6. Press the option that says, “Thinking of cancelling Sky Fibre?”.
  7. Click the option that says, “I’m thinking about switching to another provider”.
  8. Select any of the competitor options.
  9. Click the option that says, “I’ve seen a better deal somewhere else”.
  10. Now you will see a page that almost begs you to stay with Sky and how much they value your custom and all you have to do is click the option that says, “Take offer” and start saving for the next 12 months.

By clicking the offer you are re-contracting to Sky for a further 12 months so please do look through the terms and conditions.  This is a great example of what some companies do to try and retain customers.  This is what you would be offered as a new customer, so it is only right that you get the same deal for being a loyal Sky customer.

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