5 Unique & Weird Amazon Products – October 2017

Trying to find the perfect gift? Looking for something a bit different? Take a look at these 5 unique & Weird Amazon gift ideas – October 2017

Number 1

The Original Toilet Bowl Night Light.

The glowing light activates when you approach the toilet bowl, illuminating it in a pleasant way.   It emits just the right amount of light, so you can find your way around and leave the toilet tidy and clean.  ToiLight is a cool and useful motion activated LED gadget that’s also CE certified. Crafted by a professional manufacturer of electronics with a dedicated team of quality control specialists.

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Number 2

Fred Frozen Smiles Ice Cube Tray.


All of a sudden, dentures aren’t just for Grandad anymore. Freeze up a batch of Frozen Smiles and drop them into any glass – they’re the ice cubes that grin right back at you (and your esteemed party guests). Don’t you think they’ll add a little bite to whatever you’re drinking?

Frozen Smiles is made of soft, food-safe synthetic rubber. The tray makes four ice moulds, and is packaged in a clear recyclable PET-G box.

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Number 3

Backwards Clock


A wall hanging backwards clock 28cm in diamter. Pictures say more than words in this instance. The first thing you notice is that the second hand is going anti-clockwise. Then you realise that, although it all looked normal enough at first glance, only two of the numbers are where you would expect them to be. In fact the whole thing is set up to run backwards, and, once you are used to it, it’s perfectly easy to read.

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Number 4

Fred Movers & Shakers Salt & Pepper Shakers.

Pull the cord and they’ll shake for you! Shaking your own salt and pepper can be soooo exhausting. It’s Movers & Shakers to the rescue! Just pull the cord and let these vibrating shakers do the work for you. Made of durable, food-safe plastic.

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Number 5

Crazy Magnetic Putty.

A proud inductee into the National Toy Hall of Fame, Magnetic Putty has captured kids’ curiosity for generations with its versatile physical properties. Whether you’re a curious kid or a nostalgic kid-at-heart who is looking for something to fidget with, Silly Putty is sure to deliver near-endless fun and fascination.

Two fist fulls of finger strengthening fun! Extra soft and light, this irresistibly squishy foam putty is unlike any other! Fabulous for fidgeting… you can even roll it into a ball and it bounces! Safe, nontoxic and smells good, too!

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