Benefits of effective cable management

Whether you’re at home or in the workplace, you won’t go far without seeing cables and wires – all of which can be a pain if you appreciate organisation and aesthetics.

They deliver the vital power that keeps your technology up and running where batteries or other power sources don’t suffice. As a necessity for some appliances and systems, they are often unavoidable.

However, effective cable management can bring order to chaos. Here’s why and how you might want to start applying it to your spaces.

Improved aesthetics and less stress

First of all, messy cables can really detract from the appearance of a space. They say that a clear workspace is equal to a clear mind which is essential for productivity – certainly something to keep in mind when you’re setting up your office space.

In rooms for leisure and relaxation, floors and walls cluttered with wires can take away some of the sense of relaxation and calm. Organised cable management systems may be the key that allows you to truly feel relaxed and at home in your living spaces.

Fewer hazards

From a safety perspective, particularly in workspaces and professional settings, organised cable systems usually mean fewer hazards. This is important to protect yourself and others from trips and falls caused by loose wires. Catching loose wires can also damage your technology if you displace certain items or abruptly switch off appliances and consoles.

Even in a home environment, fewer hazards are important for adults and children alike. If you have small children in the home, loose wires are dangerous hazards and effectively managing them is a great way to keep everyone safe.

Ease of use and accessibility

Cable management not only looks good and keeps people safe, but it optimises the user experience too. Long gone will be the days of trying to find the right plug or untangling cables – with everything neatly organised, you can access everything you need to and manage your technology with greater ease and simplicity. So, what are the best ways to effectively manage cables and wires?

Cable management fundamentals

There are a few basic rules when it comes to cable management, although you can get as creative as you want. Look to start with these below:

  • Plan cable paths before you start: this will save a lot of time and effort down the line if you’re forced to start again.
  • Work around your power sources: think about where your plug sockets are or what devices you can use to optimise these. You can source extension leads and cable reels from suppliers like RS to meet your needs.
  • Combine cables and wires where possible: this helps to make cable networks more uniform without impacting usability. You can buy cable sleeves that house multiple wires so you reduce the sense of chaos – alternatively, securing bundles together with zip ties can be effective too.
  • Hide cables where you can: ideally, you shouldn’t have to see any cables, but this isn’t always realistic. Hiding cables beneath or behind furniture and units is a great way to achieve a clean look.

Hope you’ve found our article, Benefits of effective cable management useful.

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