Are Ghost Immobilisers Worth It?

Ghost Immobilisers are the latest in modern security methods for any type of vehicle. Providing an additional layer of security, Ghost Immobilisers are incredibly valuable pieces of technology that are becoming increasingly popular amongst car fanatics and the everyday driver. For those with high-value vehicles, a Ghost Immobiliser provides an easy way to deter potential thieves and prevent your vehicle from being stolen. If you’re considering making the investment and purchasing a Ghost Immobiliser, here are some arguments as to why Ghost Immobilisers are worth the cost. 

How do Ghost Immobilisers work? 

To keep it short, Ghost Immobilisers add a layer of security to your car by requiring the input of a unique code sequence to start the engine. Without entering the correct code sequence the car is completely immobilised and can not be driven, even if thieves manage to get inside the car, it would be near impossible to drive away successfully. 

The costs of a Ghost Immobiliser 

Costing around £500+VAT to purchase, the Ghost Immobiliser may be a pricier option for car owners, however the protection it provides is invaluable. Potentially saving you thousands of pounds in the long term, if your vehicle is ever stolen. 

Ghost Immobilisers to protect high-value vehicles 

If you own an expensive and high-value car model like a Tesla, Porsche, Bentley, or Rolls-Royce, a Ghost Immobiliser is certainly a valuable investment. Since your car is of such high-value and incredibly desirable, it is a target of thieves. 

Unfortunately, if a car is of the highest spec and is in demand, it is in the spotlight of organised crime groups. Gangs who are set up to solely target and steal cars of sought after manufacturers. Using the relay car theft method  to get away with such cars in only a matter of minutes, these gangs are highly experienced and are not your everyday chancers. They know what they are doing and, sadly for car owners, they do it well. 

For 0wners of such vehicles, a Ghost Immobiliser will work to provide an added layer of protection. Preventing these thieves in their tracks. 

Discreet and undetectable car theft prevention 

With no transmitted radio signals, the Ghost Immobiliser is completely undetectable, making it impossible for clever thieves to detect and disable. Being one of the most advanced security measures on the market, the many benefits the Ghost Immobiliser offers, including being undetectable and impossible to bypass, make this product a must-have for anyone looking to protect their vehicle from theft.

Insurance approved 

In addition, many insurance companies, especially those who provide car insurance for prestige car models, require the installation of additional security measures. Opting for a Ghost Immobiliser may have a positive impact on your car insurance premiums, helping to lower these by reducing the chances of your car being stolen. 

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