Before you go and IMEI factory unlock your phone, read this first!

The purpose of a IMEI factory unlock is to allow you free choice across any mobile phone network operator.  The process is very simple and can save you money with free choice of the many phone deals around.

All unlocking companies, require the following information:

  • Make of device (Apple, Samsung etc)
  • Model of device (iPhone 7, Note 7 etc)
  • Current network (O2, Vodafone etc)
  • IMEI number (Dial *#06# on the call screen)


There are many services available on the internet, please see the compiled list of the ones which i think offer the best genuine services for your money.  Please note there are sites that offer “Free Software” to unlock, don’t entertain these sies, they will just launch multiple questionnaires and surveys without ever offering the promised IMEI factory unlocking services.

For comparison i will be looking at prices for an iPhone 6 in the UK locked to the EE network.

IMEI Factory

The is probably the best and well known unlocking service the internet has to offer.  They have a huge customer database and very high customer trust reviews.  For an phone locked onto the EE network prices start from only £19.99, I highly recommend the  They also offer an iCloud Unlock/Activation Lock Removal service.

IMEI Factory


IMEI Factory

Unlocking Smart is a site that i came across, they offer a full IMEI factory unlocking service at unbeatable prices.  For an iPhone 6 locked on the EE network they charge a very reasonable price of only £12.50. They also have a  guaranteed express unlocking service.

IMEI Factory

iUnlox advertises a full and guaranteed factory IMEI unlock, the price for an iPhone 6 locked to the EE network is £36.95 they also guarantee a quick and speedy service.

IMEI Factory

IMEI Factory provide a factory unlocking service for literally all makes and models of phones with all unlocks being guaranteed on the Apple Whitelist Server.  Prices for a phone locked on the EE server start at £19.99.  iCloud Unlocking is also available.

IMEI Factory

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