Likes Gone Private: Is This the End of Cancel Culture on X?

Likes Gone Private: Is This the End of Cancel Culture on X? X just shook things up with a new feature: liking posts is now a private affair.

The big question on everyone’s mind: with likes now shrouded in secrecy on X, will they become the invisible hand curating our feeds? Only time will tell…

After weeks of speculation, X finally went through with its plan to make likes private on 12th June, 2024.

Image shows a graphic from X which reads. Your likes are now private. We are making likes private for everyone to better protect your privacy. Liking more posts will make your 'for you' feed better

The recent update on X left some scratching their heads, so let’s break it down. Here’s what’s changed:

Your like list is MIA: The “likes” tab on your profile has vanished.

  • Private Liking: Nobody else can see which posts you’ve liked.
  • Who Liked You? Still Visible: You can still see who liked your posts.
  • Like Count Remains: The number of likes on your posts is still there, but clicking it won’t reveal who liked them (only you can see that).

But why?

The fear of “cancel culture” used to silence engagement. People hesitated to like things they thought might be unpopular.

But that’s all changed!

With private likes, you can now freely engage with content you find interesting, regardless of what others might think.

Hit that like button with confidence!

Private likes mean you can freely express yourself and engage with content you find interesting.

Likes went through the roof! When X tested private liking with Premium users first, people clicked that like button way more.

Image shows a graph that shows likes increased when the platform went private.

The good news keeps rolling! Not only are likes up since the update, but X has even more in store for the like button.

Algorithmic Changes.

Your likes now hold more weight!

Since likes are private, X can use them to personalise your feed more accurately.

Get ready for a personalised X experience!

By liking posts privately, you’re giving the algorithm a clearer thumbs up for the kind of content you enjoy.

This means your For You page will be overflowing with fresh finds from exciting new creators you’ll love.

It’s uncanny! Since private likes came in, my For You page has become a tech and audio haven.

Tons of cool new gadgets and audio brands are popping up, along with interesting discussions I can jump into.

It feels like X is reading my mind!


So, is the future of X private? It sure seems like it!

With the power to curate your own experience and unearth hidden gems, this update opens the door to a whole new way of exploring the platform.

Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride – the world of X is waiting to be discovered, one like at a time.

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