Stop Repeating Yourself!

Stop Repeating Yourself! Following the success of the previous X articles, I’ve put together some more content you might find helpful.

They’ve be well received
Do you like these X guides?x
, so I thought I’d continue the series.

I’ll add another to the mix. Today’s subject: tackling the tricky topic of duplicate content.

Keeping your content on social media engaging is key.

Many platforms, like X which we’re focusing on today, favour original content.

Repeating the same images or text can mean your posts get seen by fewer people.

X has its own Copypasta and duplicate content policy. You can view the whole policy here.

But I’ll take a snippet and make it work for intended target audience, small businesses.

“On X, copypasta or duplicative content can be a block of text, image or a combination of content that has been copied and pasted, or duplicated by any means across the platform”

Going against X’s policy on duplicate content can hurt your reach. Here’s how:

  • Your posts might not get amplified. They might not appear in search results or trending topics, making it harder for new customers to discover you on X.
  • People who aren’t already following you might miss your updates. X might not recommend your posts to users who haven’t interacted with you before.
  • Your voice might get lost in the crowd. If you repeat comments or replies, they might not be as visible in conversations.
  • You might miss out on valuable recommendations. X might not suggest your content to users who could be interested in your products or services.

Be Original.

Remember, originality is key! When you post on X, make sure your content, both written and visual, is fresh and unique.

This goes beyond captions and photos – it includes hashtag replies too, as I’ve mentioned before.

For those who might be doing this:

Posting “Fabulous Item” with a random hashtag isn’t cutting it! (#RandomHashtag)

Random hashtags = wasted effort.

Using irrelevant hashtags won’t help your post trend, get likes, or attract the right audience.

This focus on fresh content isn’t new. Take a look at some profiles you follow – are the ones with consistently high view counts the ones creating unique posts, or just repeating the same things?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post Stop Repeating Yourself! If you’d like to add a comment or thought on this post, please use the comments section below. I can also be contacted via the online contact form. Keep up to date with the latest news on social media.

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