Product Reviews

Oittm Smart Plug

The Oittm Smart Plug connects electrical sockets with your Wi-Fi connection and can control them wirelessly and easily. The Oittm smart plug allows you to set some timing schedules and be able to turn on/off automatically your lights, electrical heater, air conditioning, TV, and other appliances. It could help you reduce your electricity bill too!

aROTaO iPhone Adapter

The aROTaO iPhone Adapter allows you to charge your iPhone 7 and later iPhone models whilst also being able to connect your audio earphones at the same time. The adapter has been built using high quality materials. The sound is not distorted and the adapter is ideal for all iPhone Lightning cabled device that runs […]

Mactrem PT55 Camera Tripod

The Mactrem PT55 Camera Tripod is the perfect entry level tripod for budding new photographers. Not only is this tripod lightweight, but it’s also strong and has been made to be robust and long lasting.

Tacklife TPS02L

The Tacklife TPS02L Tyre Pressure Gauge is a simple to use, accurate analogue instrument. It features a 360-degree swivel chuck and with an extended double chuck tip for easy access to the tyre valve from any angle.  At any time, you can clearly and accurately see the dial to determine the correct tyre pressure value.

Kroots KRT20 Speaker

The Kroots KRT20 Speaker is a fully portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that can be taken just about anywhere.  Simply strap the speaker to your backpack, bike or kayak and enjoy music seamlessly with a fantastic Bluetooth connection.