OWSOO F9 TWS Earphones

Today I’ll be reviewing these OWSOO F9 TWS Earphones. I love audio products and never turn down the opportunity to review some new earphones.

These earphones are a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) pair of earphones. The supplied charging box also doubles up as a powerbank, enabling you to charge your mobile device. Read more about OWSOO F9 TWS Earphones

KBEAR KS2 Earphones

Today I’m reviewing the KBEAR KS2 Earphones and will finish off the review by also reviewing the KBEAR S1 Bluetooth cable. These two were kindly sent to me by Keephifi.

I’ll be splitting the review into two sections with the first part being the KS2 earphones and then following on with the S1 Bluetooth cable upgrade. So, we’re getting wired and then wireless in this review, all with the same pair of earphones. Read more about KBEAR KS2 Earphones

YINEME True Workout Wireless Earbuds

Today I’ll be writing about these YINEME True Workout Wireless Earbuds. I’ve reviewed a few wireless pairs of earphones before, and they’ve been very hit and miss.

The Bluetooth technology is there these days to make true wireless earphones a viable option. But the audio aspect is usually a let-down. So, whenever I get a new pair of wireless earbuds to review, I’m very hesitant. Read more about YINEME True Workout Wireless Earbuds

Symphonized NRG MFI Earphones

Today I’m going to writing about the Symphonized NRG MFI Earphones. These earphones feature an Apple MFI certified lightning connector. So, they’re ready to use in your iPhone without any adapters.

Bluetooth technology has developed rapidly in recent years and audio equipment has benefited hugely. But, sometimes having a cabled set of earphones has its advantages, such as not having to recharge them or signal loss and interruption. Read more about Symphonized NRG MFI Earphones

Ofuca X53 Earphones

Today I’ll be writing about these Ofuca X53 Earphones. Around December and January, I saw countless adverts for these earphones. The adverts promised high quality audio, noise isolation, all for under a tenner!

I knew this was hardly likely to be true. Ofuca also needed product reviewers. So, I approached them naturally as a person who loves earphones and someone who runs this product review website. Ofuca did reply to my request but rejected me to review on this website. They were only interested in fake, positive reviews on Amazon. So, don’t believe the comments on Amazon as some of them will be fake. Ofuca will refund your purchase money if you leave a fake positive review on Amazon. Read more about Ofuca X53 Earphones