Can a pair of IEM’s costing less than a tenner be any good? What do they sound like? Are they comfortable? I have been keeping an eye on TRN audio a lot recently, I approached them for a review, but yet to hear back, but scrolling through AliExpress (as you do) I spotted these MT1 […]

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TOZO OpenEgo

Can these TOZO OpenEgo open-ear headphones compete with in-ear models? Is there a reduction in audio quality? Are they comfortable? All will be covered in today’s review for the TOZO OpenEgo. Recently there’s been an explosion of open-ear type audio gear, air conduction technology has really improved over the last couple of years, now, this

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New Bee M51 Headset

Today I’ll be writing a review for the New Bee M51 Headset. It’s been a few years since I last reviewed for New Bee, so when they approached me again I was more than happy to review again for them. They offered me this M51 headset, a Bluetooth V5.2 handsfree earpiece with ENC (Environment Noise

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