Sephia SP4080 Earphones

The Sephia SP4080 Earphones are another set of affordable earphones from Sephia. You’d think the bargain price would mean these earphones are poor in quality, but after reading my review you’ll see why price means nothing in the field of audio equipment.

The Sephia SP4080 comes with in-line user control, universal 3.5mm jack plug and a wonderfully modern Rose Gold colour scheme. Read more about Sephia SP4080 Earphones

My top 10 products over the last 12 months

I’ve decided to compile a list for my top 10 products over the last 12 months.  This list isn’t in any kind of order as I simply couldn’t pick and choose my favourite products from such a great product range.  I’ve included different products from various categories and each one of these I use almost daily.

Read more about My top 10 products over the last 12 months

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