ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen

ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen


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  • Bamboo Finish
  • Easy to Write With
  • Comfortable
  • High Quality
  • Great Gift Idea


  • Maybe the Price

This ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen is a great gift idea for the company executive. It comes with a matching bamboo presentation giftbox and an empty refillable cartridge.

The nib is not only high in quality but is also flexible too.

So, you get an eco-friendly, hand crafted fountain pen that has been designed to not only look beautiful but also perform to the same high standards as more premium brands.

But is this pen any good? What does it write like? Time to test it out!


The ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen doesn’t come with any external packaging as such; only the bamboo giftbox. The box measures 16.5cm x 4.0cm x 2.5cm and weighs 110G.

ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen
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You get a bamboo giftbox, a bamboo fountain pen, and a refillable ink cartridge (inside the pen).

ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen
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ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen.

The pen itself is made from the same high-quality bamboo as the presentation giftbox, the pen measures 14.5cm in length and has a 1.0cm diameter (at the thickest section) and weighs 25G. You not only get a beautiful bamboo finish but ZenZoi have finished this fountain pen in Gold, I cannot be certain if it’s in fact Gold, or just Gold coloured metal. But either way it still looks the part.

ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen
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The lid has the usual clip that you’d expect from a pen but feels very tight and secure, which is good.

This nib is your average nib in terms of size, I’d call it a medium size and is made from Iridium. This material is very hard, brittle, and is part of a group of materials from the Platinum group. The black middle section is made of what I presume to be plastic, so the pen maybe not 100% eco-friendly as advertised.

The lid can sit on the pen body, but it doesn’t feel comfortable to use it in that way and it feels like it’s about to fall off any moment due to the unique way the pen body is tapered.

ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen
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Using the Pen.

The ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen comes with one refillable cartridge, this has been designed so you can refill ink directly from the bottle. You can also use any standard sized disposable ink cartridges with this pen. They do fit although fitting them is a little tight but persevere and it’ll work. ZenZoi sell ink and cartridges separately, but you can use any standard generic ones if you wish.

I opted for the standard sized disposable ink cartridge to write with, only because I couldn’t be bothered to go through the refilling process. I’d probably spill ink everywhere and be in trouble with the missus.

ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen
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When you insert the ink cartridge you need to shake the pen (With the lid on) to get the ink flowing to the nib. Once you’ve done all that shaking you can start to write.

To start with the nib feels scratchy to write with, but after a short while it becomes smoother. I tried to write in multiple directions and found this pen only works in a traditional way in terms of writing. You can’t write upward as the ink stops flowing.

The pen feels quite balanced in your hand and comfortable to grip. I did think the tapered finish would make it uncomfortable, but I can now see it’s been designed that way to be comfortable.

I like the overall look of the pen, it’s hand-made and each pen is unique and will have a different colour and texture to it.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: ZenZoi
  • Model: Bamboo Fountain Pen
  • Model Code: 3J-6IZN-RXUL
  • EAN: N/A
  • Materials: Bamboo
  • Compliance: CE


I’d certainly recommend the ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen as a great gift idea. It’s certainly high-quality in terms of materials and design. The pen is nice to touch and hold and the bamboo finish is smooth and has a satin finish to it.

The gift box is nice, but I feel won’t be used once opened for the first time, so it’s nice for a first impression.

Overall, I like this fountain pen.

If you want the ZenZoi Bamboo Fountain Pen for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on Amazon. The RRP for this product is £29.89.

Product sample provided by ZenZoi in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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