Symphonized NRG X Earphones

Symphonized NRG X Earphones


My Rating



  • Excellent Sound
  • Universal Fitment
  • Comfortable
  • Cool Looking


  • Poor User Guide
  • Poor In-Line Control

Today I’m reviewing these Symphonized NRG X Earphones. They have a cool looking wood effect to them and promise to deliver high-quality bass tones.

I’ve been wanting to review a pair of wooden earphones for a while and when the opportunity came long to review these, I jumped on it.

They have a universal 3.5mm Gold-Plated jack plug, so can be used on almost every device on the market today (Will require an adapter for later iPhone models).

But are they as good as they look? What do they sound like? Time to test it out!

Packaging and Contents.

The Symphonized NRG X Earphones come packaged in a plain looking Brown cardboard. The box measures 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 4.0cm and weighs 100G.

Symphonized NRG X Earphones
Packaging Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

Upon opening the box you’ll find the following items; 1x Earphones, 1x Zip Carry Case, 1x Carabiner Clip, 1x Wire Clip, 5x Additional Silicone Ear tips, 1x English User Guide.

Symphonized NRG X Earphones
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Symphonized NRG X Earphones.

The Symphonized NRG X Earphones are made from mixed materials including Bubinga wood. the cable colour is Black (Although other colour/combos are available). The cable is made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), a strong blended outer casing which prevents tangles and damage to the cable, which is good!

Symphonized NRG X Earphones
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As mentioned above, these earphones feature a Gold-Plated standard 3.5mm audio jack. This enables you to use them across many devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and other 3.5mm audio outputs. The earphone jack features a 3 pole Tip Ring Ring Sleeve (TRRS) for Left Audio, Right Audio, Ground and Microphone.

Symphonized NRG X Earphones
Jack Plug Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

The cable measures approximately 1.2m in length and splits off at around 45cm from the top to give you some freedom whilst moving about. The earbuds themselves are slightly angled to give you a comfortable non-moving set of earphones. This angle takes some time to adjust too, but not long after it becomes comfortable. Although I did find the wooden earbuds to protrude from my ear nearly 5mm!

The supplied user guide is next to useless, all it only contains warranty information and has no user assisted help printed at all.

In-Line User Guide.

The Symphonized NRG X Earphones feature an in-line user control. It’s located on the left-hand side and measures around 3.0cm and features just 3 buttons. But this is where the Symphonized NRG X Earphones are let down. The user control is very basic and unless you know how to control them yourself, you’ll be stuck.

There is no mention in both the user guide and on their Amazon store page on how to control audio using this control. But both volume and track selection (To some degree) can be controlled using this in-line control.

Minus Button (-): Decreases volume.

Plus Button (+): Increases volume.

Middle Multi-Function Button (MFB): Press once to pause/play audio, press once to answer a phone call and press again to end the call. Pressing it twice in succession will skip a track. I couldn’t work out how to go back a track. I tried to press three times quickly, but is just skipped forward a track… So, I have no idea!

Symphonized NRG X Earphones
In-Line Control – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

So, to summarise the in-line user guide is cumbersome and not very good at all, a real disappointing let-down!

Sound Quality.

For me as a reviewer this is the most important feature of audio equipment, for obvious reasons! And the Symphonized NRG X Earphones sound very good.

Bass tones are nice and punchy, which is great for a bass loving junkie and the overall sound quality is very good.

I was pleasantly surprised as recently the sound quality of audio equipment on Amazon has been lacking in sound quality, but they sound superb. I also found the multiple Silicone ear tip sizes ideal as I was able to find the perfect fitting pair. This is important for both comfort and to increase the overall sound quality.

Changing a pair of ear tips is easy. Simply pull off from the earbud and push on a new tip, that’s it!

Symphonized NRG X Earphones
Ear Tip Removal – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

These earphones also feature a built-in microphone, so you’re able to take handsfree calls. The microphone is OK, and calls are taken with the usual quality you’d expect from mid-range handsfree calling earphones.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: Symphonized
  • Model: NRG X Earphones
  • Manufacturer Code: NRGX_newblack
  • Manufacturer Reference: N/A
  • EAN: 850005589044
  • Driver Unit: Dynamic 8mm Neodymium
  • Sensitivity: 101+/3dB at 1KHz, 1mW
  • Impedance: 16? ± 15%
  • Frequency Response: 18Hz-22kHz
  • Rated Input Power: 5mW
  • Compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS


I like the Symphonized NRG X Earphones. They look cool and sound awesome. But, there’s some room for improvement. Firstly, the printed user guide needs to guide user on how to use their earphones, not just go on about warranty information, although having a warranty is great, but mention something else please Symphonized!

Also, the in-line user control is a disappointment and needs a complete rethink, it’s awkward to use and you’re not able to fully control your audio track selection.

That’s all the negatives out of the way, it’s a shame as if those points were addressed then these would be a perfect 10/10 audio product. The sound quality is there and they’re also super-comfy to wear and look so cool too. I love the wood look.

If you want the Symphonized NRG X Earphones for yourself, they’re available for purchase only on Amazon. The RRP for this product is £20.99.

Product sample provided by Symphonized in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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