Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones

Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones


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Today I’ll be reviewing the Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones. These earphones are made from Cherry wood and feature a Bluetooth 4.1 connection.

You get multiple ear tips and earhooks to suit any ear type and to ensure you find the most comfortable fit. Having the perfect fitment also improves the sound quality too! So, it’s a very important factor when selecting the correct tips and hooks.

I’ve reviewed multiple Bluetooth earphones on this website and love a good pair of wireless earphones. I’ve only recently heard of the brand Symphonized, and so far, I’m very impressed.

So, are these earphones any good? What do they sound like? Time to test them out!

Packaging and Contents.

The Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones come packaged in a eco-friendly cardboard box. Inside the box you’ll find the following items; 1X Earphones, 1x Carry Case, 1x Micro USB Charging Cable (Which measures 30.0cm), 1x Carabiner Clip, 1x Wire Clip, 3x Ear Hooks, 9x Pairs of Ear-tips, and a English User Guide.

Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones
Packaging and Contents – Image Source – Symphonized (Subject to Copyright)

Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones.

The Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones are made mixed materials with a Cherry wood casing. Cherry is good for its acoustic properties; it also looks awesome too!

Symphonized are producing some beautiful looking products using a variety of different woods. I like the look of these products and wood has been used for decades in audio. This is because wood has natural acoustically helpful properties, it also has minimal distortion too.

Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones
Product Image – Image Source – Symphonized (Subject to Copyright)

The Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones are a Bluetooth enabled pair of earphones which feature an in-line user control on the right-hand side. Here you can control music and volume (more on this later).

Charging and Pairing.

Before you start using the Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones you’ll need to firstly charge them. You’ll need to use either the supplied Micro USB cable or any other cable with the same connector. Now, you’ll need to charge them using any 5V DC power source, you can use your phone charger plug, TV, laptop and even can make use of a powerbank. Android smartphone uses can also use their standard Micro USB cable to charge these directly.

Charging takes around 2 hours to fully charge the built-in 45mAh Lithium Polymer Battery. Once charged you’ll be able to enjoy your music for around 5 hours, this is all dependant on music volume.

Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones
Product Image – Image Source – Symphonized (Subject to Copyright)

The pairing process is a very simple one. Although I must admit I couldn’t connect them at first. I’ve reviewed countless amounts of Bluetooth earphones and so I tried to connect them whilst not reading the user guide. I failed!

I was doing the usual powering on by pressing the middle control button and heading over to my phone to try and connect, but the option for these earphones wasn’t there! So rather embarrassingly I contacted Symphonized to say I though the Bluetooth connection was at fault with their earphones. Literally 5 minutes later they come back to me with the solution.

You need to power them on using the middle button but need to continually press and hold this button for around 15 seconds, the LED will flash Blue/Red and then you’ll be able to see the connection option for ‘Symphonized DRV’.

Testing them out!

Once you’ve paired the Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones all you need to do for all future uses is power them on, they will automatically connect to the last known device. The initial thought I had when I selected the correct ear-tip and ear-hook combo was wow!

I have Autism and outdoor environment background noises are amplified to me. Once I fitted the Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones I was amazed just how much they cancelled out this unwanted background noise. I was trying them out in an outdoor environment and suddenly I was unable to hear traffic, noises from passers-by, and was totally immersed in silence. They literally blocked out all the unwanted background noise even without music playing. I knew at this point that these were going to be fantastic and was hoping the sound quality was going to match the quality I was experiencing with cancellation.

As mentioned earlier the in-line user control is located on the right-hand side. You get three buttons. These buttons control music, volume and call answering functions.

Middle Multi-Function Button: Power on/off, also will pause/play audio and answer/end a phone call.

Plus Button: Increase volume by pressing once, pressing and holding will skip a track.

Minus Button: Decrease volume by pressing once, pressing and holding will go back to a previous track.

Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones
Product Image – Image Source – Symphonized (Subject to Copyright)

I found the in-line user control to be excellent. The buttons protrude enough for you to comfortable control functions. The protrusion of the buttons is great if you’re wearing gloves too!

Sound Quality.

I was so hoping for the sound quality to match the noise cancellation quality, and I wasn’t disappointed at all! The Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones sound beautiful. Bass tones are nice and punchy without overpowering the vocal tones. They’re perfectly balanced in not only left/right balance but also in terms of matching the perfect balance of bass/vocal.

Once you’re playing audio you quickly become totally immersed into your music and unable to hear anything, or anyone. You’re completely isolated! For me, that’s bliss.

The Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones are certainly some of the best sounding earphones that I’ve reviewed on this website and I’d certainly say they’re in my top 3 in terms of performance.

Honestly, they are perfect, the sense of disconnection from the outside world is a wonderful sensation. The Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones make you feel like you’re the only person around.

You see other people, you see their mouths move up and drown whilst they’re talking to each other, but you’re not able to hear their conversations, it’s like you’ve a magic remote control and have pressed mute on them!

The Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones fit so well that no-one else around you will be able to hear your music too!

Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones
Product Image – Image Source – Symphonized (Subject to Copyright)

There is no sound distortion when you fully increase volume either, which is rare in Bluetooth earphones.

You might be wondering at the point; how much are these? Well they’re available for just over £20.00! How’s that possible I don’t know. I know of more premium brands who’d struggle to compete with these in terms of both sound and overall quality.

The Bluetooth range is capable of the advertised 10M range, It’s also a strong connection too, I was unable to break the signal, despite multiple attempts.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: Symphonized
  • Model: DRV Earphones
  • Manufacturer Reference: 4353514344
  • EAN: 700600921940
  • Product Weight: 20G
  • Chipset: CSR 8645
  • Bluetooth: V4.1
  • Profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP
  • Audio Decoding: SBC, Apt-X
  • Noise Reduction: CVC 6.0
  • Bluetooth Range: 10M
  • Battery: 45mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery
  • Charge Time: Around 2 Hours
  • Battery Lifespan: 300 Times (Discharging capacity ?80%)
  • Playtime: Around 5 Hours
  • Speaker Diameter: Ø6mm
  • Impedance: 16? ±15%
  • Sensitivity: 99dB ± 3dB, 1KHz @ 1mW
  • Frequency Response: 20HZ~20KHz
  • MIC Type: MEMS MIC
  • Compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS


The Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones are the best in-ear audio set of earphones that I’ve reviewed on this website. They sound fantastic and the fitment is 100% perfect. No noise background could be detected, and no leakage of sound to others too! Which make them perfect in my opinion.

I can’t praise them enough, this website is impartial to any brand, so I don’t want you thinking I work/affiliated with Symphonized in any way. I’m an honest reviewer, but I cannot praise these earphones enough. And for the price you’ll struggle to find anything that comes remotely close to them.

If you want the Symphonized DRV Bluetooth Earphones for yourself, they’re available for purchase only on Amazon. The RRP for this product is £24.99.

Product sample provided by Symphonized in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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