A photo of the NTP20 with the Kizer Sheepdog and Brinyte PT18 Oathkeeper

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen


My Rating



  • Very Classy
  • Smooth Writer
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Ergonomic


  • Expensive
  • Only One Refill Cartridge

Along with flashlights, Nitecore have been branching out into other areas of EDC (everyday carry). Their range of tactical pens is evidence of this – however, how does the Nitecore NTP20 titanium pen hold up after several weeks of hard usage?

The Contents.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the box that the NTP20 arrives in

The NTP20 arrives in a black matte cardboard box, with the words “Nitecore” and “NTP20 Titanium Alloy Tactical Pen” in gold. Sometimes, less really is more, as the box looks very classy.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the contents

Upon opening the box, the NTP20 is nestled in a foam cut out, protecting it from damage whilst in transit. A yellow insert labels the different parts of the pen. In the box, you receive:

  • Nitecore NTP20 titanium tactical pen

First Impressions.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the NTP20 out of its box

In my hand, the NTP20 feels lightweight but well-made. Weighing only 38 grams and measuring 14.1 centimetres, you hardly even notice that it is there. With the cap on, the NTP20 is perfectly balanced. Coupled with the Schneider Gelion 39 ink cartridge, this pen is a joy to write with. It glides over paper, thanks to the high-quality ink – no scratchiness whatsoever!

The NTP20 Deconstructed.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the NTP20 deconstructed

The pen can be split up into four main parts: the cap, the grip, the body and the barrel (with a tungsten carbide tip). These are all made from high grade TC4 titanium alloy. This particular alloy is corrosion and scratch resistant, which means that you don’t have to constantly worry about detracting from the aesthetics of your new pen. A CNC (computer numerical control) machine has been used to make the components of the NTP20, which means that each part has been made to a very high standard. The parts are threaded (including the cap) and the threads have been greased, so they are nice and smooth.

The O-Rings.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the translucent O-rings

Now, normally O-rings are used on flashlights to keep them waterproof, however in this case, two translucent O-rings have been used to make screwing and unscrewing the cap smoother. I would recommend that, when you remove the cap, you screw it onto the body, as this prevents you from losing it. I prefer screw on caps for this exact reason.

The Grip.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the grip of the NTP20

The grip has six grooves cut into it, which means that even in wet conditions, you will always have a good grip of your NTP20. These grooves make the NTP20 look more streamlined overall and it also means that if you are wearing gloves, you still have a good grasp of the pen.

The Body of the NTP20.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the body of the NTP20

The body has a lot of grooves cut into it, which again gives the user a good firm grasp. However, these serve a different purpose. If you need to use the pen defensively, your hand instinctively wraps itself around the body, with your thumb on the finial of the pen (which has the word “Nitecore” etched on it). These grooves prevent your hand from sliding down the pen if you strike a hard surface.

The Barrel.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the barrel of the NTP20

It is in the barrel that you find the tungsten steel tapered tip. Capable of breaking glass, the material is commonly used in metal-cutting industries. It measures 89HRA – 92.5HRA on the Rockwell scale. Based on indentation hardness of a material, the Rockwell test determines the hardness of a material by measuring the depth of penetration of an indenter under a large load compared to the penetration made by a preload. Tungsten steel is known for being robust, only ranking second to diamond.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the glass breaker

The Clip.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the clip of the NTP20

The deep carry pocket clip – also made from titanium – has a rectangular cut in the centre, which lightens the pen’s overall weight and makes it a little springier. Thanks to the length of the clip, you are unlikely to ever lose this pen, as although the clip is springy, it is still quite stiff.

Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the ceramic ball and the engraved “Nitecore” marking
Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen
A photo of the ceramic ball and the engraved “NTP20” marking

Cartridge Compatibility.

The NTP20 is compatible with nine different refills:

  • Apex medium
  • Fisher Space Pen Refill
  • Ohto PS-207NP
  • Parker GEL
  • Parker I5JD
  • Schneider Express 735F, the Schneider Gelion 39 and the Schneider Slider 755
  • Senator 07 DK

Improvements and Suggestions.

I love this pen, as even when I was younger, I loved stationery. For a stationery fanatic such as myself, this pen is a dream come true. However, there are two things that I would change and the tungsten steel tip is one of those things. I believe it could be used to scratch or score more effectively if it was slightly pointier. Also, I seemed to burn through the included refill, so it would be nice if an extra one was included. However, I am a full-time student and I write for about five hours every day for six days a week, so it’s fair to say that I use a lot of ink. The price is high, yes, but at the end of the day you get what you pay for. I think the NTP20 is worth it.

If you want the Nitecore NTP20 Titanium Pen for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on the Nitecore website. The RRP for this product is £89.95.

Product sample provided by Nitecore in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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