Nitecore LR12 Flashlight

Nitecore LR12 Flashlight


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  • Compact
  • 2-in-1 Flashlight and Lantern
  • Multiple Lighting Modes
  • IPX-8 Waterproof Rating


  • Not Enough Diamond Knurling

The Nitecore LR12 flashlight is designed with hikers and campers in mind. This is for a very simple reason – the LR12 features an integrated diffuser, which is made from a very high quality, translucent white polymer. An integrated diffuser also prevents people from losing it the diffuser while travelling. The flashlight can be hung up inside a tent using the included high-quality lanyard or using the strong magnetic tail cap.


First of all, this flashlight comes in a small cardboard box (135 millimetres long by 100 millimetres wide), with some photographs and suggested uses of the flashlight. It is nice and compact. In the box, you find:

  • High quality Nitecore lanyard. Black with yellow lettering and features a plastic slider to adjust the tightness of the lanyard.
  • Multi-lingual instruction manual. Ten different translations ensure a wide range of people understand how to use the LR12 correctly.
  • Spare O-rings. Approximately 18 millimetres in diameter, these keep the flashlight waterproof.
  • Rechargeable Nitecore IMR18650 flat-top battery. 2,600 mAh capacity with a maximum continuous discharge of 25 amps, or a maximum pulse discharge of 40 amps. Unprotected cell.
  • Warranty card.
  • Most importantly, Nitecore LR12 2-in-1 Flashlight.

General Features of the Nitecore LR12 Flashlight.

Unlike most diffusers, the end of this one is open, which allows the user to light up an area with a soft light, as well as having a spotlight readily available, should the need arise. To use the diffuser, simply twist the ring above the tail cap. It is quite stiff. This is to prevent the diffuser from coming out from the light while in your pocket. However, you can still operate this flashlight easily with one hand.
The LR12 uses a CREE XP-L HD V6 LED, which allows the flashlight to emit up to 1,000 lumens at a luminous intensity of 6,900 candelas. The beam tint is neutral white, which is softer than cool white and works flawlessly with the diffuser.

Nitecore LR12 Flashlight
The starting light level where light pollution is virtually non-existent
Nitecore LR12 Flashlight
A photo of the LR12 with the diffuser fully extended
Nitecore LR12 Flashlight
A beam shot at location 1

The shallow, smooth, conical reflector helps the LR12 to have a maximum beam throw of 166 metres. The reflector utilises crystal coating technology, combined with precision digital optics technology for unparalleled reflector performance. This is impressive for a small flashlight that measures 106.2 millimetres in length at its shortest (with the diffuser fully extended, the LR12 is approximately 156 millimetres long). At the flashlight’s widest point, the diameter is 26.9 millimetres.

More Features of the Nitecore LR12 Flashlight.

Unloaded (with no battery inserted), the flashlight weighs 78.5 grams. With the addition of the included flat-top IMR18650 2,600 mAh 40A Nitecore battery, the flashlight weighs 122 grams. This is ideal for walking or hiking, as the weight all adds up and the lighter your load, the better. To ensure that the flashlight isn’t accidentally turned on during delivery, one of the gold plated springs inside the battery tube will be wrapped in a small piece of plastic.

The springs are gold-plated to enhance the electrical conductivity, which increases the efficiency of the battery. The flashlight is constructed from highly durable aircraft-grade aluminium alloy with a HAIII military grade hard black anodized finish. This greatly reduces the chance of the flashlight rusting if exposed to water, as well as making it scratch and wear resistant. The aluminium body also helps the LR12 to be drop-resistant up to falls of 1 metre. Furthermore, the LR12 also has an IPX-8 waterproof rating, which means that is waterproof up to 2 metres, as well as being submersible. This is ideal for campers or hikers, as you would inevitably get wet.

To insert or remove the battery, twist the diamond-knurled tail cap anti-clockwise. In order to change modes, ensure that the battery is the correct way around, with the anode (positive terminal) pointing towards the LED. Tighten the tail cap fully.

Light Levels.

The light will turn on at its lowest setting (low, 1 lumen). To cycle between these modes, simply twist the tail cap until the light turns off then twist clockwise quickly. Repeat until you achieve your desired brightness level. The lighting modes are as follows:

  • Low: 1 lumen, 900 hour run time, 5 metre beam throw, 6 candelas beam intensity
  • Mid: 60 lumens, 24 hour run time, 38 metre beam throw, 360 candelas beam intensity
  • High: 230 lumens, 6 hours run time, 109 metre beam throw, 2,970 candelas beam intensity
  • Turbo: 1,000 lumens, 1 hour run time, 166 metre beam throw, 6,900 candelas beam intensity
  • Beacon: 1,000 lumens, 1 hour run time, 166 metre beam throw, 6,900 candelas beam intensity
Nitecore LR12 Flashlight
Light level at location 2

On turbo mode, after 1 hour temperature regulation will adjust the brightness to prevent damage to the electronic components. This is because of the heat generated.

Nitecore LR12 Flashlight
A photo of the LR12 standing on its magnetic tail cap
Nitecore LR12 Flashlight
A shot of the LR12 on turbo

This flashlight is interesting because instead of using cooling fins, the LR12 has an Advanced Temperature Regulation module (ATR). This means that the flashlight regulates its output and adapts to the ambient environment, which helps the LR12 to maintain optimal performance.

Nitecore LR12 Flashlight
A photo of an area illuminated by the LR12

 the LR12

Finally, my only suggestion for the Nitecore LR12 Flashlight is more diamond knurling, but on the battery tube. In lieu of this, a modification I would make to this flashlight would be the addition of waterproof grip tape. Due to the smooth, non-reflective finish, the LR12 may be hard to hold firmly in wet conditions. Diamond knurling would make the holding and also the operation of this flashlight with one hand easier.

Thanks for reading. I hope this review was useful and informative.

If you want the Nitecore LR12 flashlight for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on Amazon and on the Nitecore website. The RRP for this product is £45.44.

Product sample provided by Nitecore in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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