Homitt Portable Mini Air Cooler

Homitt Portable Mini Air Cooler


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  • OK for 5 Minutes
  • USB Powered


  • Water Heats Up
  • No Filtration
  • False Capabilities

Today I’ll be reviewing the Homitt Portable Mini Air Cooler. A small 4-in-1 home air cooling system. We are currently amidst a heatwave in the UK, so this little air cooler couldn’t come at a more needed time.

You get a 500ml water tank which will provide the atomised vapour that’s required to operate the cooler to its best.

The removable filter can be washed for continued filtration use. A simple 5V DC USB power lead will allow you to plug this machine everywhere.

But is it any good? Time to test it out!

Packaging and Contents.

The Homitt Portable Mini Air Cooler comes in a white cardboard box which features product images and printed specifications. The outer box measures 17.5cm x 15.0cm x 19.0cm and weighs 940G.

Image shows the outer box, the image on the box shows the cooler.
Outer Packaging – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

Inside the box you’ll find the following: 1x Air Cooler (filter installed), 1x Micro USB (125.0cm in length), 1x Multi-Lingual User Guide.

Homitt Portable Mini Air Cooler.

The Homitt Portable Mini Air Cooler is white in colour with dark grey for the louvre and cover. The unit measures 16.3cm in width x 19.0cm in height x 15.2cm in depth and weighs 835G.

Image shows the cooler with ice cubes and a mint leaf.
Product Image – Image Source – Homitt (Subject to Copyright)

You need to use the Micro USB cable and provide the unit with a 5V DC power source. You can use any standard USB wall charger. I even managed to use a powerbank and it worked for around 12 hours.

Using the Air Cooler.

You need to fill the water tank with upto 500ml of cold water. This water will be turned to a mist once the unit is running. Powering it is as easy as pressing the fan speed button. Run the filter under the cold tap for best results before use too.

Annoyingly the unit features a LED night light feature. This comes on every time you power on the cooler. To turn off this light you need to cycle through all the colours until it turns off.

Image shows the cooler with heat direction and cooling direction.
Product Image – Image Source – Homitt (Subject to Copyright)

It’s advertised as being capable of cooling any room in your home.


For the first 5 minutes of use it’s the bet air cooler you could ask for on a hot summer day. But that’s where it ends. The power supply transformer is directly underneath the water tank, so the heat of the transformer quickly heats up your cool water. You then get blasts of warm air.

Within the manual it’s suggested to wet the filter and place it in your freezer. I tried this and it does improve the cooling effect, for about 5 minutes at least before the filter defrosts with warm water.

The atomiser makes a high-pitched whistling noise which sounds like an asthmatic breathing through a BIC pen lid.

The louvres move upward/downward to change the air flow, but not left or right. Having the louvre set too upward will cause water droplets to accumulate and drip downward onto your chosen work area.

The Homitt product page implies the filter will help filter rout dust and purify the air. But when you can see through each section of the filter and see the brushless fan spin, you know that’s false.

It’s like a lot of things these days, the Homitt Portable Mini Air Cooler over promises and under delivers. It’s an OK (ish) desk fan which features an atomiser. But you’ll be better off with a decent desk fan, the airflow from this cooler is exceptionally low in comparison.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: Homitt
  • Model: Portable Mini Air Cooler
  • Manufacturer Code: HM600A
  • Manufacturer Reference: N/A
  • EAN: N/A
  • ASIN: B0874BWPL5
  • Cooling Ability: 5-10°C
  • Power Supply: 5V DC/1.5A
  • Fan Speeds: 3 Stages (Low, Medium, High)
  • Compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS


The Homitt Portable Mini Air Cooler is OK for 5 minutes of use. Then it basically becomes useless. The transformer actively transfers heat to the water tank which in turn blasts you with warm, atomised humidity. The filter is as effective as a filter as using a colander for a bucket.

If you want the Homitt Portable Mini Air Cooler for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on Amazon. The RRP for this product is £22.99.

Product sample provided by Homitt in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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