Hizek Smart Watch

Hizek Smart Watch


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  • Comfortable
  • Colourful OLED Screen
  • Good Responsive Touchscreen
  • Loads of Menus
  • Easy to Use


  • App is a Letdown
  • Charging is a Pain
  • Battery Life

The Hizek Smart Watch is a fully coloured LCD display watch that can track and monitor your daily activities.

You get some awesome features with this smart watch, including; A Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Step Count, Sleep Monitoring, Alarm Clock, and a variety of Training activities.

You can also get notifications from your smartphone onto your smart watch, these include Facebook, Twitter, SMS and Call Notifications.


The Hizek Smart Watch comes packaged in a White cardboard box.  On the front is a product image and on the reverse a few product snippets and an App QR code download link.  The box measures 15.0cm x 8.0cm x 3.0cm and weighs 130G.

Hizek Smart Watch
Packaging Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)


When you open your Hizek Smart Watch box you’ll find: 1x Smart Watch, 1x Charger Cable, 1x English/Chinese User Manual.

Hizek Smart Watch
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Hizek Smart Watch.

The Hizek Smart Watch is made from mixed materials including rubber and plastic.  The watch is Black in colour with a Chrome buckle.  It measures (From buckle to the end of the strap) 26.0cm and the strap has a width of 2.0cm.  The smart watch weighs 45G.

You get a fantastic multi-coloured LCD screen which measures 4.0cm x 2.7cm.

Hizek Smart Watch
Product Image – Image Source – Hizek (Subject to Copyright)

The strap itself has a multi-holed design.  At first it may look a little strange, but this design is ingenious.  The multi-holed design allows air flow to your skin which stops the skin from being irritated with sweat and lets your skin breath!  It also allows you to set the watch in any position on your wrist guaranteeing a fit for everyone, if your wrist measures anywhere from 15.0cm – 25.0cm in circumference then this smart watch will be a fit.

On the back of the LCD screen is where you’ll see the heart rate monitor sensor and the charging area of the smart watch.

Charging Port.

To charge the smart watch you need to simply use the supplied magnetic power cable (Which has a length of 60.0cm) and plug in into any 5V DC power outlet, such as a phone charger, laptop USB port or even a power bank!  The power cable end is magnetic, and you need to align this to the three prongs on the back of the smart watch, if done correctly the charger cable will stick to these prongs.  This part can be quite fiddly and it’s normal to get frustrated with it! Also, when you have successfully made a connection it doesn’t take much to knock it off from position again!

Using the Smart Watch.

To start using this smart watch you’ll need to give it a charge using the above methods.  If you’ve managed to get that part done without your blood pressure boiling then you’re a patient person, well done!

Now, this smart watch from Hizek works via a connected Smartphone App.  The App is called iBand and it’s available to both iOS and Android Smartphone users.  I have an iPhone, so I downloaded the App from my App Store.  If you’re ensure what operating system you’re using check with your smartphone’s user guide.

Once downloaded, you’ll need to open the App.  Yes, it’s all in Chinese!  So, you need to press around on the welcome screen unless you’re an expert in the Chinese language.


Now you’ll need to pair (or Bind as it’s called in the manual) the smart watch to the App.  There is an option that’s called ‘Bind a new device’ under the user profile, click this and follow the on-screen set up.

Once you’re all up and connected you can change and adapt the smart watch to suit your needs.  You also get some sub-menus for things like steps taken, sleep monitoring, heart rate takings, blood pressure readings, and blood oxygen levels.

Hizek Smart Watch
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Some useful functions which you can set up and use include:

Remote Camera – This function allows you to take photographs using the smart watch and the picture will display on your smartphone.

Find my Watch – This is useful if you put down the smart watch somewhere. And afterwards wonder “Where’s my smart watch?”, well if this sounds like you, Hizek have this feature, so to use this function you need to from within the App press ‘Find my Watch’ and press the search button.  The smart watch will start to vibrate for 10 seconds, this should give you enough time to find it, but if not press it again.

Reminders – This menu option lets you enable (And Disable) different notifications and alerts, you can get Phone Call Alerts, SMS Alerts, Sedentary Reminder, Alarm Clock, An Anti-Loss Alert, and other App Reminders such as your social media accounts.

Other settings – These include; Brightness Settings, Unit Settings, Time Format, Goal Settings and Factory Reset.

The App is quite cumbersome and lets down of the whole package, the smart watch itself is fantastic and I love using it!


Some features which I love are:

LCD Colour Display Screen – I love the colourful LCD screen, it looks cool and adds a unique touch to the whole user experience.  I also like the touch responsiveness of the LCD screen itself, it’s easy to use and control.

Heart Rate Monitoring –  It’s probably not as accurate as a professional medical graded monitor. But this is still a great feature which also included an Oxygen monitor too!

Blood Pressure Testing – Again, like above it’s probably not medically accurate, but it’s OK for a daily update and to keep a record.

Sleep Monitoring – This seems to work quite well, it’s an automatic setting which comes into effect when the smart watch detects little movement and records it as sleep.

Hizek Smart Watch
Product Image – Image Source – Hizek (Subject to Copyright)

The smart watch takes a couple of hours to fully charge.  It will last for around a week before you’ll need to charge it again.


The Hizek Smart Watch is advertised as being waterproof and has an activity setting of Swimming to choose from.  The manufacturers advertise the smart watch as ‘highly waterproof’, the fact is; this watch is only rated to IP67 standards!

You need to break down this code to better understand the product capabilities, so here is it: (Sourced from Wikipedia)

IP stands for International Protection.

The 6 means – Dust Tight – No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight).

The 7 means – Immersion, up to 1 m depth – Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 m of submersion).

So, this smart watch is dust proof and it’s possible to maybe go swimming, if you swim for less than for 30 minutes and maybe take a dip in a kids paddling pool! Anything over 1M in depth could cause the smart watch to malfunction and water could find its way into the internal workings.

You can use the Hizek Smart Watch for most daily activities, like washing your hands, taking a shower, or possibly engaging in a street water fight with the local hooligans!

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: Hizek
  • Model: Smart Watch
  • Model Code: HZ-M7-N
  • ASIN: B078Z9S6WZ
  • Connection Type: Bluetooth 4.0
  • CPU: Nordic 52832
  • Memory: 64KB RAM+512KB ROM
  • Battery: 110mAh Li-Polymer
  • Working Voltage: 3.6 ~ 4.2V
  • Ratings: IP67 Rated (Splash proof)
  • Compliance: CE, RoHS, FCC


I like this smart watch from Hizek, the LCD is lovely and colourful.  The iBand App is dreadful, it’s not very user friendly and seems to be more suited to the Chinese market!  I also don’t like the way this smart watch is being advertised as being highly waterproof.  For that to be the case it would need to IP68 rated!  The charging cable is also very frustrating, and I think the magnetic catch needs to be stronger.

Overall, though I do recommend this smart watch. It does have great features that you don’t always get with other similar smart watches.

If you want the Hizek Smart Watch for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on Amazon. The RRP for this product is £20.00.

Product sample provided by Hizek in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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