FunFitness FunPump

The FunFitness FunPump is the world’s smallest high-pressure bicycle pump.

The FunPump’s professional design ensures compatibility with Presta & Schrader tyre valves, as well as mounting accessories to attach securely to your bike. 

You can even inflate playing balls using the supplied inflating needle!

Packaging and Contents.

The FunFitness FunPump comes packaged on a White card. There’s picture illustrations and written product specifications also printed on the card. The card measures 24.5cm x 9.0cm x 0.1cm and weighs 170G.

Image shows the outer packaging.
Packaging of the FunFitness FunPump – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

Upon removing the FunFitness FunPump from the card you’ll find the following items. 1x Pump, 3x Tyre Spoons, 6x Tyre Patches, 1x Needle Inflator, 1x Metal Scratcher, 1x Mounting Bracket & Screws.

FunFitness FunPump.

The FunFitness FunPump is made from Aluminium. It’s Silver in colour with Black caps. The pump itself measures 17.5cm x 2.0cm and weighs 70G.

You can use the pump for both Presta and Schrader type tyre valve.

The supplied ball inflator needle is useful to inflate basketballs, footballs and even volleyballs.

You get 3 plastic tyre lever spoons, these are well made and have been designed to lever away a tyre from the rim effortlessly.

You get a bike mounting bracket which can be mounted onto any bicycle frame.

6 self-adhesive puncture repair patches and a metal scratcher complete the kit.

The FunFitness FunPump maybe small but can inflate to 210PSI making it the strongest compact inflator on the market today.

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: FunFitness
  • Model: FunPump
  • EAN: 662578830139
  • ASIN: B0181MS83Y
  • Max Pressure: 210PSI / 15 BAR
  • Compliance: CE


I like the FunFitness FunPump, it’s small but can produce the same level of inflation as a much larger pump. I also like the 6 self-adhesive puncture repair patches that are supplied with this kit. Overall this is a handy kit to keep on your bike and use day to day.

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Product sample provided by FunFitness in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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