Croydex Freeway Plus

The Croydex Freeway Plus shower head is a simple concept.  Simply attach to a twin tap bath or basin and hey presto you’re showering.

The rubberised push on adapters have a small 1cm diameter hole that allows you to securely push the adapters onto your tap.  For added security the Croydex Freeway Plus also comes with Velcro straps to stop the adapters from slipping off when in use.

The shower head has a push down trigger that allows the user to stop the water flow and then start it again.

Using the Croydex Freeway Plus shower hose.

Croydex Shower Hose
Image of the Croydex Shower Hose – Image Source – Croydex (Subject to Copyright)

I found the hose although generous in 120cm in length to be a very hard rubber compound, rendering it almost non-flexible and rigid.

The shower head also was supposed to stop the water flow when the trigger was not depressed, but I found although I was not pressing the trigger, water continued to dribble out, and when the trigger was pressed, water flow was not of an adequate pressure.  I have a cold-water storage tank (In loft) and hot water cylinder (Next room airing cupboard) fed system using 22mm copper pipes directly onto my bath taps with only about a 30cm rise to the taps, so i though this would be enough pressure to achieve an adequate water flow.

I think some of the issue with water flow is the design of the shower hose itself, the middle part features a “Y” piece of plastic that is supposed to allow water to flow to the main hose, but this fitting is restricting the water flow, also it seems to be of a small diameter, again this could explain why not enough water is passing through.

Y Piece
Image of the Croydex Shower Hose – Image Source – Croydex (Subject to Copyright)

The shower heads trigger button is quite hard to press down and will no doubt hurt your hand for long periods of use.


Overall there are better products on the market.  The only advantage of the Croydex Freeway Plus is the rubber push-on tap adapters.  These adapters had such a small diameter that I needed for my 2cm headed taps.

I removed the rubber push-on adapters. I then fitted them onto a generic cheap shower hose that you can buy in DIY stores.  It works an absolute treat.

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Product sample provided by Croydex in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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