Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer

Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer


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  • Great Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe
  • Great Brand
  • Large Storage Capacity


  • Hard to Deliver

The Beko RAS121LS fridge freezer is an American styled appliance that provides enough space for food shopping, for the whole family. You get two separate cooling systems which is great for ensuring both the fridge and freezer temperatures are maintained. It’s also great for if one day either the fridge or freezer side were to malfunction, at least you’d still have half use of the Beko RAS121LS until repair/replacement.

I’ve been wanting a large fridge/freezer for a while, and dreamed of owning an American styled one, but never had the chance before now due to the cost. But in recent years the costs have been tumbling and you can now find these appliances for around the £500 mark.

For reference I ordered this appliance via and took full advantage of their non-urgent free delivery cost.

So, without further delay let’s review the Beko RAS121LS.


The Beko RAS121LS comes packaged in an outer cardboard box, this box is massive and had to be removed outside of my home in order to get it through the door. I also had to remove my front door to accommodate the fridge/freezer!

Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer
Product Image of the Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer – Image Source – Beko (Subject to Copyright) moved my appliance into my kitchen and instructed me to leave the unit sat still for about 4 hours after delivery, this is because of how the unit could’ve been stored.

The delivery team of two were very professional and it didn’t take them long to deliver my new fridge/freezer.


Not only do you get a brand new and very cool looking Beko RAS121LS fridge freezer, but you also get: 1x Egg Tray (Which can hold upto 10 eggs), 1x Ice Cube Tray (Which can hold upto 16 ice cubes), 1x English User Guide, 1x Quick Start Guide, 1x Product Spec Guide, 2x Plastic Airflow Spacers, and some Beko promotional material.

Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer.

The Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer is Silver in colour (other colours are available) and measures 170.0cm in height, 91.0cm in width and has a depth of 72.0cm. The unit also weighs a hefty 114KG.

Ensure you’ve also used the plastic spacers on the back of the unit, these spacers ensure you have adequate air flow for the condenser to reject heat.

Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer
Product Image of the Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer – Image Source – Beko (Subject to Copyright)

You get a very large refrigerated section which can hold around 368 Litres and a modest freezer section which can hold 190 Litres.

After the four-hour waiting window is up you can switch on the Beko RAS121LS. Upon powering on, there’s a short delay until the compressor cuts in and start the cooling process. The fridge freezer is automatically set to the most economical setting of 4°C for the fridge and -18°C for the freezer. I didn’t see the need to alter this in any way and these temperatures are more than adequate to store food. The initial cooling time took around 6 hours to reach the correct set temperatures. So, from delivery time to when you can store food you need at least 10 hours.

Fridge Section.

The fridge section is by far the larger of the two doors, it’s located on the right-hand side and features 5x safety glass shelves, a crisper compartment, and 5x door shelves too. Inside on the right-hand side you’ll see the controllable indicator panel, and a large LED internal light.

Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer
Product Image of the Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer – Image Source – Beko (Subject to Copyright)

Freezer Section.

This section is smaller of the two and is located on the left-hand side. You get 5x safety glass shelves, 2x storage compartments, and 3x door shelves too. Like the fridge you also get a large LED internal light.

Using the Beko RAS121LS.

Apart from inserting some spacers and loading in my food there wasn’t much in the way of reporting on using the Beko RAS121LS. I did find out you get a loud alarm when you leave the door open for 1 minute, you can stop this by closing the door or by pressing any button the indicator panel. The door hinges also lock in an outward position, so the doors won’t keep closing on you as you try and load up your fridge/freezer, they also close with ease without any effort.

The handles have a matte finish to them, they measure 69.0cm in length x 3.5cm in width and protrude 5.0cm from the unit. Also, the gap where you place your fingers has a clearance of around 2.7cm.

I also found the Beko RAS121LS to run very quietly, the compressor noise is literally silent and the doesn’t need to run very often (Unless you keep opening the doors).

I also filled the ice cube tray and within 2.5 hours I had perfectly formed ice cubes!

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: Beko
  • Model: American Style Fridge Freezer
  • Model Code: RAS121LS
  • Product Code: 7290446382
  • EAN: N/A
  • ASIN: B01NH59TOZ
  • SKU: RAS121LS_SI
  • Dimensions: (H)179.0 x (W)91.0 x (D)72.0
  • Weight: 114KG
  • Voltage: 220-240V AC
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Wattage: 150W
  • Current: 0.85 A
  • Defrost Power: 180W
  • Refrigerant Type: R600a
  • Refrigerant Charge: 60G
  • Adjustable Shelves: Yes
  • Anti-Bacterial Protection: Yes
  • Display Type: LED
  • Energy Rating: A+
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 462 KWh
  • Annual Energy Cost Based On 15.40p/Unit: £71.15
  • Power Failure Safe Storage: 9 Hours
  • Freezer Capacity (Net): 190 Litres
  • Freezer Star Rating: 4
  • Fridge Capacity (Net): 368 Litres
  • Frost Free Freezer: Yes
  • Hinge Position: Left and Right
  • Noise Level: 43dB
  • Number of Compartments (Freezer): 2
  • Number of Shelves (Fridge): 5
  • Open Door Alert: Yes
  • Required Room Temperature: 10 to 43°C
  • Temperature Warning Light: Yes
  • Flame Retardant Metal Back: Yes
  • Dispenser: No
  • Holiday Setting: Yes
  • NeoFrost Cooling System: Yes
  • Compliance: CE


I absolutely love my Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer. It has so much room for a larger shop and works brilliantly. I was also impressed with both the ordering and delivery process using too, I cannot recommend them enough!

Finally, I have an American style fridge/freezer in my home and I’m so pleased the costs have come down to an affordable level that makes them useful for many households.

The Beko RAS121LS is super-quiet, very stylish and above is very spacious. I’m an air conditioning and refrigeration engineer by trade and this unit reminds of a commercial unit in terms of efficiency and space. The internal indicator panel will also display any fault codes too, so as a trained engineer I’ll be able to access any future repairs, if applicable. I also love the fire-proof rear cover, it’s made from metal and encases the compressor and electrical wiring in a safe area if there should ever be a problem.

I cannot praise this fridge/freezer enough, it’s brilliant.

If you want the Beko RAS121LS Fridge Freezer for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on the AO website. The RRP for this product is £569.99.

Product purchased myself (from and I wanted to write a detailed, unbiased review.

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