ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser

ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser


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I’ll be writing today about the ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser.

ATUMTEK produce many different types of monitor stands, and other mobile phone stands and accessories, including selfie tripods. All products come with a no-hassle 3-year warranty.

Today I’ll be writing about their monitor stand riser, a basic set-up that can be used for all monitor types, including laptops. It has a multi-position design, along with ventilation to ensure your device maintains consistent airflow and cooling.

So, is the stand any good? What is the quality like? Time to test it out!

Packaging and Contents.

The ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser comes packaged in a plain looking brown cardboard box. The initial assumption of the product based on first impressions is underwhelming. Usually, when a product comes in a plain looking box the manufacturer invests more money into the actual product itself. You’ll be glad to hear this is the case for ATUMTEK.

Upon opening the box you’re greeting with a few components and multi-lingual user guide. A screwdriver is provided too for quick construction.

The user guide is easy enough to follow without any issues. The text is professionally written and not littered with grammatical/spelling mistakes (unlike this review probably is). On the reverse are some contact methods for ATUMTEK.

Image shows a monitor stand in a built finish. The stand is black in colour.
Product Image – Image Source – ATUMTEK (Subject to Copyright)

ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser.

The ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser is available in two colours, silver and black. I was sent the black version and I’m incredibly happy with the paintwork finish. It’s a nice satin black finish, very modern and easy to maintain with regards to dusting. You’ll be glad to hear the stand is made from aluminium. It’s both lightweight and strong.

Image shows an Apple PC on the stand. Underneath there is a wireless keyboard and mouse.
Product Image – Image Source – ATUMTEK (Subject to Copyright)

You can use both PC or a laptop on this stand. the underneath area is perfect for neatly storing your keyboard and mouse too. The stand has three height levels. These range from 10.0cm in height clearance to 14.0cm. To adjust, you need to simply loosen the knobs on the side and slide the stand upward or downward and re-tighten to maintain your selected height. The available width underneath is 37.0cm.

I found this system of selecting heights to be an amazingly simple process, and once selected, the stand feels sturdy and not about to slide itself downward.

The underside feet area also features a rubber material, this ensures the stand won’t wobble about and also provide some protection to your workspace. The grip level is actually very good, I tried to move the stand about, and the rubber made this task very difficult.

Image shows the underside feet area.
Product Image – Image Source – ATUMTEK (Subject to Copyright)

Using the ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser.

I use a HP laptop and had been using it without a stand, when ATUMTEK contacted me, they said I’d instantly feel the benefit of using their stand. This was a bold claim as I didn’t think the way I was using my laptop was an issue. But I was wrong (it happens sometimes), I instantly felt the benefit of the monitor stand. Not medically, but in terms of comfort. My eye level is more centred to the screen, I’m no longer looking up and down from my keyboard and to my laptop screen.

I use a wireless keyboard and mouse, and when I’m finished, I can slide them under my laptop and my desk is a little more organised. My laptop has been able to cool down without any restriction from the stand.

Image shows a laptop on the stand.
Product Image – Image Source – ATUMTEK (Subject to Copyright)

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: ATUMTEK
  • Model: Monitor Stand Riser
  • Model Code: ATMS045
  • EAN: 4897099007616
  • ASIN: N/A
  • Compliance: N/A


I really like the ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser. It’s very modern looking and makes my desk area look more organised. The multi-hole airflow design allows for maximum cooling without compromising on stability.

The user guide is extremely easy to follow along, and I like the fact that ATUMEK supply a little screwdriver too. You even get supplied some stickers to cover over the screws too, this is a nice touch.

The stand is sturdy and doesn’t move about and the height selection of the three position is easy to carry out too.

I couldn’t find any faults or issues and can 100% recommend this stand. The item is available for just £14.00, with free delivery, and a 3-year warranty too. But that’s not all. I have a special 15% money off code available exclusively to My Helpful Hints readers. Simply enter the code MY HELPFUL HINTS at the checkout to receive 15% off. This offer code is available for all the entire ATUMTEK product range.

If you want the ATUMTEK Monitor Stand Riser for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on the ATUMTEK website. The RRP for this product is £14.00.

Product sample provided by ATUMTEK in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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