Why Food Vans Are on The Rise: What You Need To Know

Why Food Vans Are on The Rise: What You Need To Know. Once upon a time, street vans didn’t play much of a role in British food culture. Over the course of the past two decades, however, our culinary landscape has changed dramatically, and our craving for street food has ballooned.

In fact, research has revealed that consumers planned to maintain or increase the amount of street food they were eating. As for the people behind the food truck counter, they have chosen a line of work that allows them to

But what are the factors driving this steady rise in the popularity of food vans, and how you can tap into this growing trend? Why Food Vans Are on The Rise: What You Need To Know. Read on to find out!

The Benefits for Consumers

Arguably the most obvious reason for the surge in the popularity of food vans in Britain is the sheer variety and quality of the fare they provide. Whatever your craving, you are sure to find a food van that can satisfy it – from classic chips, burgers and hot dogs to piquant Indian curries, South African specialities, and South American-inspired bento boxes.

Best of all, food van owners can provide assurance about the quality and provenance of their ingredients, making it easier for consumers to ascertain if they are eating ethically sourced, high-quality food. The same assurance probably cannot be provided by many supermarkets and even some cafes and restaurants.

As a result, many people will forego their regular supermarket meal deal for something more appetising, even if it costs a little more. Food vans have now also become synonymous with many of our favourite events, from concerts and festivals to sports fixtures and markets, which has helped to cement their place in British society and heighten their profile.

The Benefits for Food Truck Founders

As a result of the increase in food van popularity, there are now thousands of food vans across the country, serving snacks, meals and drinks to office workers and event attendees.

Although entering the food service industry as a food truck founder has many challenges – not least the long working hours and other factors such as sometimes hefty pitch fees – it can also be a fulfilling role for anyone with a passion for food. If you love cooking and sharing your signature dishes with as many people as possible, but don’t have the upfront capital to launch your own restaurant, a food van is the next best thing.

You also get to enjoy more variety, as you can travel around the country to different events, many of which may have hundreds or thousands of people in attendance, giving you the potential to earn significant amounts of money.

The Challenges of Starting a Food Truck Business

While the advantages of entering the world of street food are clear, there are also a few obstacles that budding food van founders must contend with.

For one thing, there are several expenses that you will have to cover, both while you’re starting your business and during the course of running it. These include the initial cost of purchasing the van, equipment and ingredients, as well as fuel costs, and, of course, those pitch fees – which can be surprisingly high, depending on the venue and event in question.

As a self-employed businessperson you will also have sole responsibility for the success (or lack thereof) of your business, which means you must develop your financial skills, your marketing talent, and cope singlehandedly with any problems that arise. These can range from supply chain issues to a broken vehicle, bad weather, and intense competition with other food truck businesses at popular events.

Of course, there is also all the cooking involved in the role, which can be stressful if you have a long queue forming – and you need to have robust customer service skills, to ensure that your consumers leave your food van feeling satisfied. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth will benefit your business, while negative feedback could potentially be very damaging.

Tapping Into the Market

If you feel that you can withstand the various challenges involved in running a food truck, and you want to enter the industry yourself, there are a few things you need to do. The first thing is to decide what your speciality will be. Your niche in the market will help you stand out from your competitors. Perhaps you are a skilled baker, or maybe you have exotic family recipes that can be transformed into an alluring menu.

Once you have settled on your niche, then you will be able to build your menu and begin sourcing suppliers to provide your ingredients. You don’t have to have a lot of culinary experience initially. However, it is vitally important that you have the knowledge and skills to abide by food safety and hygiene laws. You need to be able to ensure the health and well-being of your customers. This doesn’t only mean preparing food safely to prevent food poisoning, but also includes being transparent about your ingredients so that customers with food intolerances and allergies can steer clear of certain ingredients.

When you have gained the appropriate qualifications, the next step is to find your food van and register and insure your food truck business. For example, if you have decided to buy an ice cream van and sell frozen treats, then you will need ice cream van insurance. Reputable insurers such as Mobilers will insure your ice cream van and provide you with the necessary coverage to protect you in case anything goes wrong. With all the legal aspects sorted, the final step is to get out on the road and start marketing and selling your tempting fare.

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying the fact that running a food van business can be challenging, not to mention a lot of hard work. However, with the demand for food truck fares increasing, there is the opportunity to make a significant amount of money. This may be all the incentive you need to whet your appetite for success.

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