Shaving tips and tricks – what you need to know

Shaving tips and tricks – what you need to know. There’s a good chance that shaving is one of those topics that you’ve never really had to think about. You pick up a routine relatively early on in life, and then just stick with it without questioning how you could potentially make the process better.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely recently decided that you can take your shaving routine to the next level. Luckily, you’re in just the right place – let’s explore some simple tricks and tips to help you up your grooming game.

Buy grooming supplies at the right places.

The first and simplest tip we have is to buy your shaving supplies at the right kinds of shops. Instead of just picking up the first thing you see at your local supermarket or pharmacy, take a look at a specialist wet shaving shop and see what they’ve got.

Shopping at these kinds of stores means that you can trust that someone has already done their due diligence on the products they stock. Whether you’re buying a razor or a shaving cream brush, it simplifies the shopping experience and helps to ensure that you’re using the highest quality products possible.

Take skin prep seriously.

A lot of people just splash a bit of water on their face before they start shaving and call it a day. While this ‘technically’ works, it’s definitely not the most effective approach you can take when it comes to optimising your shaving routine.

Taking your skin and hair prep seriously can make shaving a lot more enjoyable, and ultimately speed the process up as well. In addition to washing your face properly with warm water, we recommend applying a high-quality shaving cream a few minutes before starting. So that you’re not just standing around waiting, you can floss or brush your teeth in the meantime.

Learn proper shaving techniques.

Modern tools such as cartridge and electric razors can be very forgiving when it comes to bad technique. You can often get away with using them pretty much any way you like, and end up having less hair on your body at the end of the process.

With all razors, not just safety razors and straight-edge razors, it’s important that you learn proper shaving techniques. This includes learning how much pressure to apply and at what angle, but it also means learning how to shave along the grain of the hair. If these sound like unfamiliar concepts, you should be able to find useful tutorials on YouTube that break it down into more digestible bites.

Optimising your shaving routine really doesn’t take a lot of work, but those small changes can make a big difference to your overall shaving experience. If it’s something that you need to do literally every day – or even every week – then those small differences in your everyday life can add up to have a substantial positive impact. By taking shaving techniques seriously, buying the right shaving supplies for the job, and carrying out your skin prep routine properly, we reckon you should be well on your way.

Hope you’ve found our article, Shaving tips and tricks – what you need to know useful.

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