Caring For Your Client’s Bleached Hair

Caring For Your Client’s Bleached Hair. Hair bleaching is a common practice but it can also be harmful to hair if not carried out correctly with the proper before and aftercare. Consideration should be given before carrying out any hair-care procedure involving bleach whether it be washing, styling or even drying.

The Correct Practice

Before bleaching a client’s hair, you need to establish whether or not their hair is healthy enough to withstand the bleaching.

If your client has hair that is dry, frizzy or prone to breaking, then you may want to suggest that they improve the condition of their hair prior to having it bleached. Similarly, if your client has very fine hair, you’ll need to carefully consider the most appropriate products for their needs and adjust your process accordingly.

Your client’s hair should be clean and dry before any bleach is applied, so be sure to advise them not to apply any styling products or dry shampoo before their appointment.

Processing time varies depending on a range of factors, including, the product that you are using, your client’s natural hair colour and the desired results. It’s important to apply a good quality hair toner after bleaching to correct any brassiness and ensure you achieve the shade your client is looking for.

Alternate Shampoos and Conditioners

You should advise your client to alternate the shampoo and conditioner they’ll be using at home, ideally switching between a protein-rich formula and a moisture-rich formula for optimum hair health.

Regular Trims

Regular trims are important for any hair colour but especially for clients with bleached hair. You should recommend that your client comes in for a trim at least every 8 weeks to keep on top of split ends. Bleached hair that isn’t cut regularly will be prone to split ends, breakage and irreversible damage.

Careful Styling

All hair is at risk of damage from heated styling tools such as hairdryers, curling tongs and hair straighteners and with bleached hair, this is even more true.

When styling your client’s hair, ensure that it is protected with a heat treatment spray and apply a light, conditioning hair oil afterwards.

Avoid Overwashing

Your client may not be aware that overwashing their hair can be just as bad for it as over-styling. You should advise them to limit washing their hair to two or three times per week at the most to avoid stripping their hair of its natural oils and removing their hair colour.

If they think they’ll struggle to adjust to washing their hair less, you can always recommend a dry shampoo to use in-between washes to refresh hair and mop up any excess grease while the hair and scalp adjust to the new washing routine.

Recommend Silk Pillows

Silk pillowcases can help to fight frizz and retain your client’s natural oils. They can also reduce friction during sleep which can lead to tangles and hair breakage. If your client has fine hair that’s prone to frizz or split ends, then recommending they invest in a silk pillowcase can help improve the overall condition of their bleached hair in-between treatments.

Use Microfibre Towels

Microfibre towels are lightweight and highly absorbent. Using microfibre towels on your client’s hair allows you to quickly and easily remove excess moisture from the hair without needing to vigorously rub or towel it, which can cause bleached hair to become knotted or even break. Having a supply of good quality microfibre towels in your salon will make washing and drying your client’s bleached hair easier.

As highlighted above, bleach-treated hair requires regular care and attention in order to stray hydrated and healthy. As the process of bleaching itself can be damaging to the hair’s cuticles, denying the hair of any after-care procedures can leave it dry, brittle and prone to excessive breakage. Teaching your clients the importance of proper hair care after a bleach treatment with help them to maintain a healthy and vibrant colour, whilst prolonging the health of the hair itself.

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