5 Unique & Weird Amazon Products – November 2017

Take a look at these 5 Unique & Weird Amazon gift ideas – November 2017

Number 1

Pair of Duck Feet

Amazon Duck Feet

If someone yells, Duck! They’re just talking about your hand.  Putting these Duck Feet on the tips of your fingers and walking through puddles will have your friends quacking up! These appealing 2 1/8″ (5.4 cm) webbed wonders are made of soft vinyl. They won’t help you swim, but your hand will be waddling up a storm!

Number 2

Unisex-adult Crying Baby Mask

Amazon Crying baby

Tired of being an adult? Turn yourself back into a big baby and cry all you want! This Crying Baby Mask is the perfect accessory to lighten up the mood at any costume party. Hide behind this hilarious mask and throw all the tantrums you want!

Number 3

Elixir Of Life Potion Bottle

Amazon Life

Fantastic antique style glass potion bottle! Bottle is new and empty and comes with a cork Perfect for display or fill with your own ‘potion’ – bubble bath, olive oil, coloured water – let your imagination be your guide.

Number 4

Net of Chocolate Brussel Sprouts

Amazon Sprouts

Netted bag of Amazon chocolate mini sprouts!! Foiled solid chocolate balls covered in foil to look like a sprout! Ideal stocking filler/Secret Santa May contain traces of nuts 1 x net of sprouts supplied (Approx 16 mini sprouts per net).

Number 5

Umbrella Hat

Amazon Umbrella

Keep dry in this convenient multi-coloured umbrella hat, it’s a fun fancy dress accessory that is suited for outdoors.

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