3 Tips for Choosing an Affordable Family Vehicle in Northern Ireland

Doesn’t it seem like when you least expect it something goes wrong? This year it’s your family vehicle. Although you have known for some time that you’ve needed a new one, it just never seemed like the right time but now your hand is all but forced. It’s either buy a new vehicle or spend way too much fixing the old one, so which is it? Perhaps it’s the universe telling you it’s time to choose a new one, but how? Here are our 3 Tips for Choosing an Affordable Family Vehicle in Northern Ireland you absolutely must follow whenever looking for a new family vehicle in Northern Ireland, or anywhere else for that matter!

1. Always Review Current Safety Ratings

The very first thing you should do whether you have children who will be riding in the vehicle, or not, is to read the most current safety ratings. For vehicles rated anywhere in Europe, inclusive of Northern Ireland and the UK, you would look at the latest safety ratings on the European New Car Assessment Programme, NCAP. These will be ranked with a series of one to five stars, with the coveted 5-star rating the best.

Also, did you know that insurance actuaries price car insurance premiums largely based on safety ratings? After all, the safer the vehicle, the less likely it will be to be in an accident due to faulty parts. You can get car insurance quotes Northern Ireland on the CompareNI website and each of those will be ranked highly on safety. After that, they will be highly competitive in pricing, so it’s possible to choose affordable cover to go with that affordable new vehicle.

2. Limit Vehicles by Size

Next on the list is size. How many passengers will you be carrying and will you be using your vehicle for making any large purchases? For example, if you have five kids, your weekly shopping list can easily fill the back of any minivan! Also, how many car seats for little children will you need to buckle in? Size is definitely going to be a major consideration, so among those safely rated vehicles, narrow down your list by size. Other features can come next if necessary, such as sound systems and back seat video if that is important. Remember, safety comes first!

3. Compare Operating Costs

If it’s an affordable vehicle you are looking for, this is going to be a huge consideration. Also, are you looking for an electric vehicle or a hybrid? These can be much less expensive to operate but they will usually come with a higher price tag as well. Bear in mind that as the world seeks to get away from powering vehicles with petrol (fossil fuels) you may want to opt for an EV or hybrid. The cost of fuel is going up by the day, so operating costs may actually be much lower with a vehicle not powered by petrol.

These are your major considerations when shopping for a new family vehicle in Northern Ireland, but remember, safety must be your primary consideration. Even your insurance rates will be based on that, so choose wisely.

Hope you’ve found our article, 3 Tips for Choosing an Affordable Family Vehicle in Northern Ireland useful.

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