KOOT Water Effect Light

The KOOT Water Effect Light is a remote and sound controlled party light that features 16 different colours that have a water effect output effect. The light is straight forward to install and use and in a matter of minutes you’ll be enjoying LED water ripple effects.


The SOLMORE LED Party Light is a small but bright LED party light that has many different light colours and combinations. You get a fully functioning remote control and a supporting bracket that allows you to attach your light to any surface.

Elfeland UV LED Bar Light

The Elfeland UV LED Bar Light is a party Black light that produces a super bright and flicker-free disco lighting effect. This UV LED bar light creates awesome lighting effects with fluorescent body paints and ink, balloons, candles, cosmetics, bubbles, sticks and wall stickers that glow in the dark!

Vine Rituals Illumio+

The Vine Rituals Illumio+ is a sound activated wearable Silicon bracelet which responds to sound by emitting a bright and dynamic LED light. The bracelets respond differently, so wear them in multiples and enjoy a medley of bright flashing lights.  They can be worn or used to decorate your event space for a dramatic light […]

SOLMORE 9 Colour Music Ball Lamp

The SOLMORE 9 Colour Music Ball Lamp is an all-in-one party light with LED lighting and sound all into one in-built compact light. You get nine different colours with this disco lamp.  You get Blue, Warm Red, Warm White, Green, Pink, Purple, Orange, White, and Yellow.