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Buy and Sell New, Used, Craft and Digital goods

Discover the potential of Versla Marketplace, your gateway to a global network of buyers. Based in the UK, our platform is a treasure trove, brimming with an array of products much like those you'd find on renowned marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. With a sleek, intuitive design, our website effortlessly guides you in your quest to find sought-after items.

We pride ourselves on being very flexible; we want to work more closely with our sellers and buyers than the other way around. You can buy and sell new, used, craft, and digital goods.

One of our main unique selling points is our generous fee structure. Bypassing listing fees, we only take a minimal 2% commission on each sale, and we cap this at a mere £1 per sale. (Do remember: Stripe charges 1.5% + 20p.) This means more of your hard-earned profits stay with you, giving you the freedom to offer your products at competitive prices and attracting more buyers!

Also, as a valued seller on our platform, we provide you with a complimentary online store (using our domain). You can use this space to showcase your stunning products and cultivate your brand identity. It's your chance to shine and to establish yourself as a reliable purveyor of quality items on our platform.

You're in control of shipping as an individual seller, providing buyers with a range of shipping options and delivery times. To ease your shipping process, we've recently launched a feature that allows you to book shipping directly from the order page using Royal Mail Click and Drop or Parcel2Go integrations. This streamlines your shipping operations, ensuring buyers receive their purchases quickly and smoothly.

Customer service is our stronghold. We strive to ensure both you, as a seller, and our buyers enjoy an unrivalled, seamless experience on Versla Marketplace. Our dedicated team is always ready to answer any queries, making your journey with us as smooth as possible.

Starting your journey with us couldn't be easier, but if you need a helping hand, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to make your selling experience on Versla Marketplace as easy as possible.


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Versla Marketplace 1 review

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1 review
  • NessSeaGlass

    Have my shop listed with Versla and have nothing but praise for how easy it was to create the listings as well as the incredible support provided by Aaron. The fees are simple, cheap and there is nothing better out there as far as I can see for those who want a reliable, affordable alternative to other selling platforms.

    • VerslaMarketplace

      Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s a pleasure to work with you!

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