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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal and Hearing Tests

Ear examination | Ear wax removal | Hearing assessment


Highland Hears Aural Health Clinicians use the Tympa system which is the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing healthcare assessment device.

It brings together three different diagnostic and treatment systems into one hand-held portable system. The Tympa allows our clinicians to perform; high-definition digital otoscopy (to capture HD image and video), micro suction wax removal (the industry gold standard), and carry out a hearing screening, all in a single 30-minute appointment.

During an appointment your clinician will be able to assess your ears, and if wax is present, gently remove it with micro suction. Micro suction is the gold standard of wax removal and is considered safer than other methods such as irrigation. Once wax has been removed a hearing screening can be performed. This will identify whether you have a level of hearing loss. If you do have a hearing loss your clinician may refer you to an audiologist for further investigation. However, in many cases, the initial problem could’ve simply been down to the presence of wax itself.


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