1Koot Water Effect Light

The 1Koot Water Effect Light is a remote and sound controlled party light that features 16 different colours that have a water effect output effect.

The light is straight forward to install and use and in a matter of minutes you’ll be enjoying LED water ripple effects. Read more about 1Koot Water Effect Light

Zeblaze Plug Fitness Tracker

The Zeblaze Plug Fitness Tracker is a waterproof and wireless activity tracker which can detect your daily activities and can monitor and record your heart rate and sleep patterns too.

You get continuous monitoring, an easy to read OLED screen and a fully designed App to accompany your fitness tracker also. Read more about Zeblaze Plug Fitness Tracker

KOVEBBLE X3 Bluetooth Earphones

The KOVEBBLE X3 Bluetooth Earphones are a lightweight, portable and a comfortable pair of earphones that can be used for just about any Bluetooth enabled device.

You get noise cancellation, 4.1 Bluetooth connection technology, and a large battery life so you’ll be able to enjoy your audio whilst you jog, walk, or just sit there like a couch potato! Read more about KOVEBBLE X3 Bluetooth Earphones