Roadiff 20W Fast Charger

Can the Roadiff 20W Fast Charger quickly charge an iPhone to 60% in 30 minutes? How about a 1M cable that can transfer files of upto 480Mbps? All for under £12.00? Let’s find out! Back today with another USB-C/Lightning charger and cable. I have reviewed a few of these types of single ported USB-C chargers […]

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KuDiff Phone Screen Magnifier

Can a phone magnifier enhance a viewing experience for those that struggle to see mobile device screens? Is this the ideal solution to a common issue for the older generation? Is there any distortion? Today’s review for the KuDiff Phone Screen Magnifier will cover all of this. Something a little different today for the My

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Acebeam T35 Flashlight

Can a tactical flashlight for around £60 outperform more expensive branded flashlights? Is it comfortable to handle? What about the lighting modes? Hopefully, today’s review for the Acebeam T35 Flashlight answers all these questions. This week Acebeam celebrated their 10-year anniversary, to get to that business milestone is a huge achievement, and I’m sure you’ll

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Avoalre Cooling Blanket

Can a blanket keep you cool in the summer? What about keeping you warm in the winter? Is this some kind of magic? Welcome everyone to the Avoalre Cooling Blanket, the double sided body temperature controlled cover. I was sent this blanket from Avoalre to review, and the last few days the UK has experienced

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