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Why you should never use these plug adapters!

We’ve all seen them. The travel adapter supplied by manufacturers, these deadly adapters should never be used. In this post I’ll explain why you should never use these plug adapters.

It’s also illegal (under the Plugs and Sockets Safety Regulations 1994)┬áto receive an electrical item supplied without a UK 3 Pin BS 1363 plug attached. The UK electrical system comprises of a Live, Neutral and Earth cabling system. Read more about Why you should never use these plug adapters!

Otium Car Socket Adapter

The Otium Car Socket Adapter is a twin cigarette lighter port adapter that also allows you to use two USB ports and a USB-C port, all at the same time.

You can independently switch each socket on/off and a useful LED display will also display your car’s battery voltage. Read more about Otium Car Socket Adapter