Today I’ll be writing a review for The website that has multiple calculators for loans, mortgages, vehicles, credit cards, savings, and budgeting.

These calculators are available for free, which is great. That’s not all, on each calculator section you get unbiased and independent advice, these help you to achieve the best method of understanding and saving. has been around since 2013, since day one the philosophy has been to serve website visitors with useful information. Without a huge marketing and advertising budget the website has been increasing in popularity via website shares and recommendations. Something any web owner strives to achieve.

So, today I’ll be writing and screenshotting some of the calculators from the website.

The website is primarily set up for US consumers, so if you’re outside the US you’ll need to convert to USD. An improvement for would be to allow web visitors to convert to different, local currencies. Let’s hope this is something in the pipeline, as this would open up more opportunities for to expand into new markets.

Image shows a screenshot for the homepage.
Home Page Screenshot – Image Source – (Subject to Copyright)

Simply select the calculator you’d like to use, you’ll then get an easy-to-use calculator, you then have multiple choices of the type of calculator you’d like to utilise, following with some guidance and help regarding that subject area.

Image shows a screenshot for the credit card calculator.
Credit Card Calculator Screenshot – Image Source – (Subject to Copyright)

Simplicity is the word I’d use for the website. No over-complicated formulas to contend with. It’s a great site to input some data and see in real-time vital information, no creating user accounts, logging in, no banner ads that intrude submission buttons all make the site, clean, fast and easy to use.

I like the breakdown of terms used within each calculator too. No more hard to understand jargon.

The website has been featured on top media sites such as Forbes, Fox, and used for educational purposes too with Metro Nashville Public Schools incorporating the website into their curriculum.


I like the website. It’s easy to use. From a personal point of view, and from someone outside the US, I’d like to fully use the site more. Being allowed to convert to GBP for example would allow me to fully utilise the website. The site has been going strong for 10 years, so there’s hope for more too.

Highly suggest you check out the free selection of calculators at

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