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Today I’ll be writing about Aura Print, a print solutions business based in Huddersfield, UK. Aura Print originally started in 2007 when Liam Smith started from a cellar printing quality items, fast forward to 2024 and Aura Print have nearly 20 employees, print nearly 300 orders per week, globally.

What’s their success? Using the latest in technological printing advances, all thanks to investing in the latest machinery and hiring the best workforce, whilst delivering both quality and value for money at the same time.

You have endless printing options available to choose from on the Aura Print website, literally hundreds of colours and finishes. To assist me with today’s review Aura Print have kindly sent me a metallic foil sample pack so I get to look and touch (yes, touch) the quality they can produce.

To date (correct as of January 2024) Aura Print has produced goods for over 120K customers, not bad for a business in its 17th trading year.

Aura Print also has quite the clientele too. Brands include: The NHS, Pizza Hut, B&Q, Waitrose, National Trust, and Mercedes Benz to name just a handful. But they don’t just cater for well-known brands, individual customers are just as important. In fact, Aura Print have a 100% workmanship guarantee and with countless positive reviews on both Google and TrustPilot confirm customers are very happy with Aura Print.

Metallic Foil Sample Pack.

As mentioned above, Aura Print kindly sent me a metallic foil sample pack. This pack is also available to purchase at just £3.95. The pack contains two sample packs, one being the metallic foil finish examples, you get 11 examples, you also get 13 examples of paper finishes.

Image shows the Aura Print Metallic Foil Pack in a squished out position.
Metallic Foil Pack Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

The other pack contains 22 colour/shade examples of G.F. Smith colorplan. The Aura Print G.F. Smith colorplan shades are available in 540gsm/25pt and 279gsm/12pt thickness. The lighter shades are available with both full colour and black print. Darker shades are available with black print. All colorplan options require a soft touch laminate for foiling.

Image shows the colour/shade examples in a squished out position to display all the colours/shades.
G.F Smith colorplan Colour/Shade Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

When choosing a printing business to print your desired goods it’s important to see examples of finishes and colours. These sample packs from Aura Print are brilliant. you can see with your own eyes the finishes and feel with your hands the finish too. The soft touch laminate feels silky to the touch, each gsm has a different tactile feel too. So you can choose the best finish for your desired printing needs.

Aura Print.

The Aura Print is clean, modern and flows exceptionally well between pages and menus. The striking pink and yellow colour combination works well, and certainly stands out.

A Live Chat facility is also available, a human behind the screen too. Aura Print are easily approachable and contactable.

Image shows a screenshot of the Live Chat facility on the Aura Print website.
Live Chat Screenshot – Image Source – Aura Print (Subject to Copyright)

A friendly member of staff is always happy to go the extra mile to provide you the very best service. They’re patient with customers who may not always know exactly what product they need, they’ll assist with all aspects of your design and turn it into reality.

Aura Print has an endless library of products for you to choose from, anything from business cards, to leaflets, stickers, packaging, signage, and lots more.

You also get some wonderful guides on the website too. One that in particular caught my eye was the How To Design Your Own Bookmark In 5 Steps blog post. A fabulous step-by-step guide on how to custom create your own bookmark. Even giving examples on how to design in Photoshop, Illustrator and Canva. An informative flowchart of printing options help you to make decisions to not only design, but have your design printed.

Once decided on any product or service, Aura Print usually sends your creations out within two working days, a fast turnaround as they print everything in house.


I’m seriously impressed with Aura Print. It’s easy to see why they grew rapidly from a one man band to a team in such a short space of time. A friendly approach, and always treating everyone with respect, means Aura Print have gained both a loyal customer base and attracted the attention from well-known brands too.

In my dealings with Aura Print I found them to be very pleasant. I can tell Aura Print will continue to expand not just in the UK but continue to expand into the global market too.

I highly recommend Aura Print, check out their website for yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. If you’d like to add a comment or thought on this post, please use the comments section below. I can also be contacted via the online contact form. Keep up to date with the latest news on social media.

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