The FH1 along with some of my EDC essentials

Weltool FH1 Utility Holster

Weltool FH1 Utility Holster


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  • Good Quality
  • Universal Use
  • Multiple Ways to Wear


  • The Buckle is Stiff

A few days ago, I was contacted by Weltool and asked if I would like to review the Weltool FH1 Utility Holster. I love writing reviews, so naturally I said yes. A few days later, the FH1 arrived in the mail. I think that this item is best suited for people in the EDC community, security or law enforcement personnel, hikers and hunters. This is because the FH1 is lightweight, robust and compact.

What’s In the Box?

The FH1 comes in a cardboard box. It is relatively simple, which as I have said in other reviews, I prefer. This is because it keeps the overall costs down. You can find the dimensions of the FH1 on the cardboard box, as well as some of the features of the pouch, which I will be going over. In the box, you get:

  • Warranty card in English and Chinese
  • Thank you letter from the founder and CEO of Weltool
  • Resealable bag
  • Weltool FH1 flashlight pouch

First Impressions of the Weltool FH1 Utility Holster .

When I opened the box, the FH1 was inside a strong resealable bag, protecting it from and damage while in transit (for example scratches or tears). What I have noticed about Weltool is that they package their items well. Upon opening the bag, I was faced with a very well-made pouch. Weltool certainly haven’t cut corners in the making of their FH1 flashlight pouch.


The FH1 is made from 500D Cordura nylon. You may be wondering, “Why Cordura?” Well, Cordura is two times as durable as standard nylon, three times as durable as polyester and ten times as durable as cotton canvas. In layman’s terms, Cordura is very hard-wearing. It is also stretch resistant, meaning that if you are running, your flashlight is unlikely to fall out. It is also:

  • Water-resistant
  • Semi-rigid
  • Comfortable

It is also resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions. This means your FH1 pouch will last longer. However, it isn’t JUST a flashlight pouch. It can be used for storing anything, from multitools to knives and survival capsules.

Weltool FH1 Utility Holster
A photo of the FH1 with my Leatherman and Swiss Army Knife inside

The interior of the FH1 is lined with velvet, meaning you’ll never have to worry about damaging your prized possessions.

At the bottom of the pouch, there is a drainage hole (also known as a “weep hole”). This means that if you are doing an outdoor activity, any rain that gets into the FH1 will simply drip out. This feature along with the fact that the FH1 is water-resistant, will reduce the possibility of your items getting damaged.

Weltool FH1 Utility Holster
The drainage or “weep” hole at the bottom of the FH1

Mounting Options.

Weltool FH1 Utility Holster
The FH1 attached to a tree via the D-loop

You can attach the holster to yourself or your belongings. This is because the pouch has several mounting options. There is a belt loop, MOLLE strap and also a thick, black, plastic D-loop. Both the belt loop and the MOLLE strap are each made from two layers of 500D Cordura. The MOLLE strap has two sets of stitching, so the chances of the strap failing are slim to none. The button fastener ensures the strap doesn’t open all by itself. The back of the FH1 is rigid, so it doesn’t deform easily and keeps its shape for longer. The belt loop is quite wide, making it suitable for use with many different types of belt.

Weltool FH1 Utility Holster
The MOLLE strap makes the FH1 easy to attach to webbing

The Buckle.

Weltool’s FH1 utilities a UTX-DURAFLEX buckle. You’ll see its securely attached to the pouch and is quite stiff to open and close. This means that it won’t just press against something, spring open and then you lose whatever you have stored in it. The buckle is big enough to open with gloves, which to me, is very important.


There aren’t really any cons to this product, however, the one thing I would tweak is the buckle. To allow longer items to be stored in the FH1, I would make the buckle adjustable. Apart from that, the holster is perfect and I will be using it often.


The FH1 is compatible with the following brands and models:

  • Fenix – PD35, PD35TAC, PD32, FD30, UC30, TK09
  • Streamlight – TL-2, Scorpion, ProTac Xenon, ProTac LED, Night fighter, ProTac 2L-X, ProTac 2L
  • Maglite – Magtac
  • Surefire – G2, E2D, E2E, E2DL, Z2-S, LX2, L4
  • Nextorch – TA30
  • INFORCE – TFx, 6V, 6VX, 6VT
  • Weltool – T7 “Flower-necked Tiger”, M7, W3 “Featherless Arrow” mini

If you want the Weltool FH1 Utility Holster for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on Amazon. The RRP for this product is £18.99.

Product sample provided by Weltool in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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