Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket

Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket


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  • Comfortable
  • Relaxing
  • Evenly Weighted
  • Washable
  • 30 Day Money Back


  • Awkward to refit cover.

Today I’m writing about the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket. You can’t check on your social media these days without seeing an advert for weighted blankets. They’re everywhere!

I’m autistic and I’ve seen many other autistic people purchase a weighted blanket and claim it helps them. I’m a sceptical person and unless I try it for myself, I won’t believe such claims.

Price is the major factor in why people are hesitant to try out a weighted blanket.

They can range anywhere from £30 right upto a few hundred £££. The Kalm Koala is priced towards the high-end of the weighted blanket, but is it worth the money? All will be revealed in this review.

So, let’s do this, time for the review!

Packaging and Contents.

The Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket came delivered to me in white box which featured the company’s logo. This box was sent in a plain outer cardboard box, which was incredibly strong and protected my blanket. The retail box measures 39.0cm x 30.0cm x 23.0cm.

Image shows the outer white box, the Kalm Koala logo is present on the front.
Packaging Image – Image Source – My Helpful Hints (Subject to Copyright)

Inside the box you’ll find the following: 1x Weighted Blanket, 1x Care Guide.

Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket.

The first thing I noticed with the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket was the weight. It’s quite an obvious admission considering the type of product, but I wasn’t expecting the blanket to be heavy.

It’s grey on one side with blue on the other side. The grey side is soft and is marketed as the warm side of the blanket, whilst the blue ‘silk’ section is made from eco-friendly bamboo.

Image shows the double sided outer cover.
Product Image – Image Source – Kalm Koala (Subject to Copyright)

The Kalm Koala features an outer removable zipped cover. This means you can remove the outer cover and machine wash it. Some cheaper brands do not have a removable outer cover. The only way to wash these blankets is to put the whole thing into your machine, which could break it. But the Kalm Koala is different.

Size Guide.

They’re two blanket sizes, and three weight versions. The two sizes are either a single (48″ x 78″) or double (60″x80″) sized blankets. Kalm Koala have a fantastic graphic below to show how each size would look on your bed size.

Image shows the Kalm Koala size guide.
Size Guide – Image Source – Kalm Koala (Subject to Copyright)

My partner doesn’t like weighted blankets, so I selected the single size and used it on our double bed, I get to use the blanket, without affecting my partner. This method worked well for us.

It’s important to choose the correctly weighted blanket for your body weight. Kalm Koala recommend selecting a blanket which weighs 7-13% of your body weight.

The three weight sizes are 4KG (8.8lb), 6.8KG (14.9lb), and 9KG (19.8b). I weigh (Well, before lockdown ?) 12.5st (175lb), which when converted to KG is 79KG. As you can see, I’m between weights, but Kalm Koala have a weight selection tool.

Image shows the Kalm Koala weight slider tool.
Weight Guide – Image Source – Kalm Koala (Subject to Copyright)

This weight selection tool is a brilliant addition. Especially when trying to calculate 7-13% of your body weight.

Using the Blanket.

I was incredibly lucky (thanks to a late UK heatwave) to be able to try out the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket through different outdoor temperatures. So, I was able to put to the test the cool and warm side of the blanket.

The cooler side is the silky bamboo material, it resembles the same feeling as using a sleeping bag. It did in fact keep me comfortable, even during a brief late spell of outdoor warmth. I didn’t overheat, but during the high summer months I’m not sure any weighted blanket would keep anyone ‘cool’.

The warmer section is a soft, mink feeling polyester material. It’s that type of material that you can finger draw onto. It feels so luxurious. On the cooler nights, you simply reverse the weighted blanket so that the soft side is touching your body. And… It works!

I was warm, but not over warm.

I’ve also been using it on top of my standard duvet and haven’t found any issues in doing this either.

The Kalm Koala is evenly weighted to cover your whole body. It’s also produced differently to other blankets too, with multiple channels that house the lead-free glass beads.

Image shows the Kalm Koala sections.
Product Image – Image Source – Kalm Koala (Subject to Copyright)

Each stitched section has an equal amount of weighted glass beads, so no matter how you wriggle around, an equal amount of pressure will be applied to your body. You’re still able to move under the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket, you’re not held prisoner in your warm, comfortable bed.


As mentioned earlier, the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket can be washed. The outer cover can be unzipped on one side. Once unzipped you’ll see a series of loops and ties, simply untie and remove the weighted duvet section from the cover. The cover can be machine washed without fabric softener at 30°C (cold wash) and needs to be air dried. I put it into my airing cupboard, the next day it was dry.

The inner section can be cleaned, but it’s hand wash only. and again, it can be air dried. But unless you spill a drink or something there’s not a need to do this. With the outer cover being removable and washable, it will ensure your blanket is hygienically clean.

The Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket is hypoallergenic too!

Image shows the materials that is used to make the weighted blanket.
Product Image – Image Source – Kalm Koala (Subject to Copyright)

Some cheaper models of weighted blankets on Amazon for example don’t feature a removable outer cover.

The fact you can machine wash the cover is a huge benefit to the Kalm Koala, but there’s an issue, and that’s to do with refitting the cover again.

It’s awkward, you need to turn the outer cover inside out and retie the attached string to the loops, then turn it back through again to do the other loops. It’s a faff and not something you’ll want to do too often. I’d compare it to a gym workout, imagine lumping/flipping a 6.8KG blanket around. It was a tiring task, good job the blanket is comfortable, I was able to go to bed straight after!


Refreshingly Kalm Kola don’t make claims that their blanket will cure anxiety or be the answer to all your medical problems. They have a different marketing tactic. Try it for 30 days, if you’re not happy, simply return it and get your money back.

For best results it is recommend using the Kalm Koala for 2 weeks, this enables your body to get used to it.

Autistic? Some people have said a weighted blanket helps during a meltdown period, but this didn’t work for me, in fact it did the opposite of soothing me. I guess it’s personal choice. But, after a meltdown had passed and when I jumped into bed, the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket did soothe me enough to enable me to go straight to sleep.

Image shows the weighted blanket in a rolled up position.
Product Image – Image Source – Kalm Koala (Subject to Copyright)

Every night since using the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket, I’ve experienced a decent night’s sleep, and awoken feeling refreshed.

Has it changed my life? Yes!

Technical Specifications.

  • Brand: Kalm Koala
  • Model: Weighted Blanket
  • Model Code: N/A
  • EAN: 5060750110034
  • ASIN: N/A
  • Compliance: N/A


I love the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket. It has certainly helped me. Would I recommend it? Yes!

I was a weighted blanket sceptic originally, but now my opinion has changed. I can highly recommend the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket, as said earlier, try it for 30 days and if it doesn’t help you, return it. You’ve nothing to lose in trying it out.

If you want the Kalm Koala Weighted Blanket for yourself, it’s available for purchase only on the Kalm Koala website. The RRP for this product is £175.00

The price of the blanket changes’ dependent upon size and weight.

Kalm Koala have slashed their prices, a single blanket with a weight of 4KG will cost you £109.00 with Free UK delivery.

But wait, there’s more, for a limited time you can save an extra £20 on every blanket at the checkout by entering code NEW20.

Product sample provided by Kalm Koala in exchange for a detailed, unbiased review.

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