How to plan the perfect staycation

How to plan the perfect staycation. Staycations saw a significant rise in popularity as a result of the pandemic but have continued to be a favoured holiday choice ever since. Staying in the UK means you can get a nice break in even if you have limited time off work. There is also no time difference and you do not have to worry about the stress of navigating through an airport. When planned well, a staycation can also make you significant savings.


One of the main benefits of a staycation is that you are not required to get on a plane. There are many options for how you can make it to your destination, depending on how far you are travelling. If you are travelling to a city, train travel could be the perfect option. Doing so means your holiday can begin the minute you leave home, and you do not have to worry about planning the route yourself.

If you are only travelling a very short distance, you may even choose to cycle there. However you plan on travelling be sure to book as far in advance as possible to avoid additional stress.


There are endless possibilities for accommodation for staycations in the UK. While a hotel may be an obvious choice, you may want to opt for something different such as a treehouse or a glamping pod. With the increased popularity of staycations, you may find it difficult to book accommodation last minute, meaning it is important to look ahead of time.

Make sure to check reviews online to get a better insight into what different options are really like, allowing you to make a well-informed decision.


When staying in the same country, it can be tempting to not put much planning into the itinerary of your trip. If you are looking for a spontaneous trip, this could be the way to play it, however, you do risk coming home and feeling as though you did not make the most of your trip.

Take some time looking into the best-rated attractions and restaurants at your chosen location and make some bookings if you can.

While you may want a jam-packed holiday full of fun, be sure to leave some time for spontaneity and downtime.


The joy of not having to get on a plane means that you are not restricted by weight limitations for your luggage. Therefore, you can pack more home comforts and even bring food to cook once you arrive if you would like to.

If you are planning on taking a camping trip, there are far more essentials that you will need to pack. There are lots of useful resources available online that will provide you with hints and tips on what to bring for the perfect trip.

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