Ethy: Your Free app for an easier, sustainable shopping experience

Ethy: Your Free app for an easier, sustainable shopping experience. Environmental protection is gaining recognition among an increasing number of individuals and businesses. Lottoland lottery company, too, has taken a step forward by planting trees to support this crucial cause. Today, we discuss Ethy, a free app promoting sustainable brands and services.

Established in 2020, Ethy embarked on a noble journey with a profound vision in mind: a world where shopping is no longer a threat to our environment, the welfare of people, or the rights of animals. This UK-based company partners with brands to meticulously assess and endorse their sustainable endeavours, granting conscientious consumers the assurance they crave through easily recognisable trust mark symbols. To make ethical shopping more accessible, they have also developed a user-friendly, cost-free app, serving as a valuable guide for sustainable choices.

A remarkable shift is underway in the midst of surging demand across the UK for ethically produced and environmentally friendly products and services. More than one-third of UK shoppers have become active champions of brands that can substantiate their commitment to sustainable practices and values. This movement is not just about purchasing goods; it’s a declaration of support for a better world.


In a world filled with marketing gimmicks and dubious sustainability claims, Ethy is taking a stand to set things right. They’ve introduced a revolutionary audit and accreditation process, creating a unique opportunity for consumer goods brands, no matter their size, to truly prove their commitment to sustainability.

When brands successfully navigate the comprehensive Ethy audit, covering up to 35 aspects of environmental, social, and sustainable initiatives, they can display Ethy’s distinctive hexagonal trust mark icons on their products, digital platforms, and advertising materials. These trust marks, spanning various categories, come together to form a powerful visual Impact Hive, making it easy for consumers to recognize and support the most conscientious brands that are genuinely dedicated to positively impacting the world. This isn’t just about claims; it’s about real, tangible commitment.

What Ethy’s CEO has to say about it.

The CEO of Ethy, Callum Miller, passionately conveys his vision for the future of sustainable brands. In his words, he is dedicated to establishing the gold standard for such brands. His mission? To empower the discerning new generation of shoppers with the knowledge of which brands they can wholeheartedly trust. This trust is symbolized through the iconic Ethy trust marks and an innovative sustainable shopping guide app.

Moreover, Callum Miller is on a mission to champion ethical consumer shopping practices. Their strategy involves providing both large and small brands the means to substantiate their sustainability commitments. This is achieved through a rigorous process of audits and accreditations. Not only that, but they are also keen on helping consumers adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by offering resources to research, shop, and live in a way that aligns with their values.

The Apps growth.

Since its debut, the Ethy app has witnessed remarkable and rapid growth, providing a haven for conscientious consumers seeking ethical products and services. This platform serves as a one-stop destination for those dedicated to sustainable living, offering a wide array of ethical goods and services and a treasure trove of tips, guides, and valuable information on how to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Ethy app has made it its mission to address the concerns highlighted in a recent Deloitte survey, which revealed that 41% of adults in the UK hesitate to adopt a sustainable lifestyle due to its perceived complexity and difficulty. In response, Ethy ensures a user-friendly and accessible experience that simplifies the journey toward sustainability. Consumers no longer need to navigate the intricate world of ethical living alone; the Ethy app makes it straightforward and approachable.

Furthermore, in the face of the ever-present issue of greenwashing, Ethy has quietly ushered in a revolution in the background. The platform has reimagined and streamlined the audit, accreditation, and certification processes for brands seeking to validate their environmental and social credentials. This ensures that when consumers engage with Ethy, they can trust that the brands they encounter are truly committed to ethical and sustainable practices. In essence, Ethy has become the guardian of authenticity and credibility in the realm of ethical consumption.

The company crafted a cost-effective, expandable system for assessing and endorsing consumer brands. This solution caters to many businesses, from small start-ups to massive multinational corporations. It focuses on 35 initiatives that promote social and ethical responsibility. These initiatives target six crucial areas, addressing today’s most urgent sustainability issues.

Ethy’s commitment to sustainability.

Six core paths comprise cruelty-free and vegan-friendly practices, low carbon emissions, renewable energy usage, recycling efforts, low water consumption, and plastic-free manufacturing. Each initiative has an Ethy-approved trust mark, which brands can incorporate into an interlinked Impact Hive accreditation network.

Furthermore, this organization focuses on increasing communication and awareness about sustainability within the manufacturing and supply chain sectors. They offer invaluable business support and access to a wealth of resources, comprehensive training programs, and expert-led sustainability workshops.

Sustainability commitment spans an expansive spectrum of businesses, from zero-waste stores and vegan cafes to cosmetics companies, food and beverage suppliers, and fashion brands. Over 100 brands have enthusiastically participated in Ethy’s audit and accreditation process. They display Ethy trust mark logos on their websites, marketing materials, and packaging – assuring consumers of their commitment to environmental responsibility.

The impact is unmistakable from the 2020 Compare Ethics Report results, which showed that 83% of consumers tend to trust product sustainability claims that have received third-party verification.

Callum underscores their core mission: “Our aim is to equip businesses, brands, and consumers to work collectively towards creating a more sustainable future. They’re fully dedicated to making an impactful contribution in various forms.”

First, these initiatives aim to reduce audits and accreditations costs. Hence, they are accessible even for new consumer brands, making sustainable practices accessible across businesses of all sizes and levels of operation. This allows everyone to demonstrate their dedication to sustainable practices on equal terms.

Ethy also provides a user-friendly and free app giving information about eco-friendly shopping for consumers looking to make informed and sustainable purchases, thus creating a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future for all. In other words, Callum and Ethy are working toward making sustainability accessible for everyone.

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