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We grow plants in test tubes

Watch roots, stems, and leaves grow within a few days in a colourful nutrient-rich gel.

The test tubes enable the germination of seeds, normally in 48hrs [depending on room temperature] all within a 10cm x 2cm tube.
The gel is a unique recipe that contains the optimum balance of phytohormones designed specifically for this plant variety.

The test tubes can be used all year round, just place in a warm room near a window.

We have added a ‘growing scale’ to each of the tubes this allows measurements [cms] to be taken while the stems, leaves & roots are growing in the tube.

As an extension activity -
Once mature the test tube plant can be grown outside, potted into compost and developed into a full-size plant. The test tube can be recycled or repurposed for example as a rain gauge, a container for a bug hunt or a tube for storing seeds. Please see the activity sheets information below.

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