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Letter Catchers, Collectable Coins and Gifting Ideas

I am Andy and I own my little one man business I like to call Create-England.

Being one man, I also do the coffee run, lunch run, have meetings with myself that don't always get the answer I want and have sacked myself on several occasions too. But this doesn't stop me from doing what I do.

My main focus is on creating and making Letter Catchers.

What is a letter catcher?

It's like one of those cages that you see on the back of a door that hold the post but much nicer, slimline and made using lovely fabrics.

How does a letter catcher help?

There are many benefits, some that you may not have thought of. They do exactly what the name says, and catch the mail so you don't have to pick it up from the floor. That is not all though. They hide the post from the dog for those with post pinching pets, cover the mail slot to reduce draughty flaps, create a barrier on the inside of the door so that it is much harder for people to see into your home and make it harder for people to push a pole through your letter box to get your keys.

How do they fix to the door?

There are two sticky back velcro style hook strips, one goes above your mail slot, and the other below the mail slot. The letter catcher has two loop strips sewn onto it that you attach to the door strips, and that is it.

There are lots of fabric choices ready made, but you can also ask if you want a different fabric and I will try my best to find the right fabric for you.

I shall stop rambling on now. I am impressed if you go this far so if you did, thanks. If you didn't, thanks anyway but you will not know I said thanks.


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Create-England 2 reviews

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2 reviews
  • Review From Old System

    I ordered a monogrammed clutch purse from Andy along with a couple of scrunchies. It was beautifully sewn from high quality materials. Packed with care and posted quickly. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you

  • Review From Old System

    After buying a tote bag from Andy I had no hesitation returning to buy one of his letter catchers. The quality is exceptional and fitting the letter catcher is a doddle with the self adhesive velcro supplied with the bag. The letter catcher has been in place for a few weeks now and it works perfect. Highly recommended.

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