So, what is Wakelet? well Wakelet is a revolutionary link list building website that can be used for many different reasons.  When a user builds a link list it is called a Wake.  The idea and concept are simple, copy any website URL and paste or type it into Wakelet to create a Wake, this Wake can then be shared on Social Media or by sending onto someone either by email or SMS, the shared link is also shortened (A bit like a Bitly Link). Read more about Wakelet

Frost Picture

The first frost of the year!

So today it has happened, winter has set in.  I knew it was going to happen, but now it is real.

Whilst on the school run this morning there were many kids wearing funny woolly hats and that got me thinking.  Can adults wear funny woolly hats too?.  I done a quick search and it turns out there are many novelty woolly hats out there.  Below i have selected a few of my favourites.  I hope you like them too. Read more about The first frost of the year!


10 Great Live Chat Software providers and why you should use them.

If you own or run a website, then having a Live Chat facility is a must.  Visitors to a site love to be able to find information out fast, if they can’t they leave.  With Live Chat you can instantly influence a visitor to a potential customer.  Being able to instantly communicate with a customer adds a level of trust to your website visitors.  Adding Live Chat to your site is simple and the below list of providers offer advice and guidance. Read more about 10 Great Live Chat Software providers and why you should use them.