Oliphant Pizza Scissors

These Pizza Scissors from Oliphant are a great way to cut your way into a slice of pizza.  Instead of using your old blunt pizza roller to hack into your pizza why not instead use these easy to use and handy Pizza Scissors.  With Pizza Scissors you’re safe from burnt hands as when you have cut a slice simply lift it away with the attached server. Read more about Oliphant Pizza Scissors

George Lamptey

George Lamptey is an actor and writer who has appeared on stage and TV over the last 5 years.  At the centre of George’s heart is storytelling.  He compiled “Letters to the Lady” over several years and the length to write spanned over several years, over those years George grew, loved, felt pain but always wrote from a place of hope, opportunity and the wonder that is all around us. Read more about George Lamptey

Betron V7 Earphones

These sporty looking earphones by Betron promise to offer 6 hours of continuous music or talk time whilst also offering a quality wireless Bluetooth connection.  The V7 earphones offer High Definition and unparalleled rock-solid bass with an ultra-crisp treble. Read more about Betron V7 Earphones

Oliphant SunSafe Beach Safe

The main idea behind SunSafe by Oliphant is to discreetly hide your valuables in what looks like a sun lotion bottle whilst you’re on the beach.  The idea is to fool unscrupulous individuals away from your most precious items.  SunSafe is designed to store, keys, payment cards, cash, and other valuables away from prying eyes. Read more about Oliphant SunSafe Beach Safe