Torus Pro M2S Fitness Tracker

The Torus Pro M2S Fitness Tracker promises to be a great all-round fitness tracker that can also measure your heart rate and monitor your exercise routes via in-built GPS tracking technology.

The main screen is touchscreen responsive and all data is recorded and displayed in the Droihealth App, which is free to download and use. Read more about Torus Pro M2S Fitness Tracker

KG Physio Epsom Salt

The KG Physio Epsom Salt has been designed to help you relax and regulate electrolytes in your body with magnesium sulphate (Epsom Salt), ensuring proper functioning of the muscles, nerves, and enzyme system.

Soak your achy, tired, overworked muscles and let the salt do its magic! The magnesium sulphate will have your recovered quicker and ready to go for your next workout in optimum condition. Read more about KG Physio Epsom Salt