Vine Rituals Illumio+

The Vine Rituals Illumio+ is a sound activated wearable Silicon bracelet which responds to sound by emitting a bright and dynamic LED light.

The bracelets respond differently, so wear them in multiples and enjoy a medley of bright flashing lights.  They can be worn or used to decorate your event space for a dramatic light experience.   Create stunning centrepieces by bundling them together, or scatter as interactive props for guests to enjoy. Read more about Vine Rituals Illumio+

Fancii LED Makeup Vanity Mirror

The Fancii LED Makeup Vanity Mirror features a 180° swivel design that provides both a horizontal and a vertical viewing angle, so you can always look your very best!

You get 3 different LED light settings and you can choose from Soft Warm, Neutral White, and Natural Daylight.  You can also control the 3 LED light settings with the built-in dimmable function which simulates day, and evening lighting conditions.  So, you can feel confident about how your makeup looks in any environment. Read more about Fancii LED Makeup Vanity Mirror

BlitzWolf BW-FWC3 Wireless Charger

The BlitzWolf BW-FWC3 Wireless Charger is a premium wireless charger with a mirrored surface, its base is anti-slip which keeps your phone secure and stable whilst charging.

A sleep-friendly blue LED charging indicator illuminates when your phone is placed upon the wireless charger. Read more about BlitzWolf BW-FWC3 Wireless Charger

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