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The iMXPW NONCERA USB Adapter is an 8-in-1 USB-C adapter that can be used for your Apple MacBook Pro.

With two HDMI output ports, USB-C PD port, 2 USB Type C data transfer ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, audio jack, you’ll have all the connections you’d possibly need, all in a slimline design adapter. Read more about iMXPW NONCERA USB Adapter

Why you should never use these plug adapters!

We’ve all seen them. The travel adapter supplied by manufacturers, these deadly adapters should never be used. In this post I’ll explain why you should never use these plug adapters.

It’s also illegal (under the Plugs and Sockets Safety Regulations 1994) to receive an electrical item supplied without a UK 3 Pin BS 1363 plug attached. The UK electrical system comprises of a Live, Neutral and Earth cabling system. Read more about Why you should never use these plug adapters!

Champ-Tech BassBuds

Those that know me, know that I love my audio equipment, and today’s review is rather special, these Champ-Tech BassBuds are new to the market. In fact, so new that I’m the first reviewer to get my hands (or my ears on!) on them.

Champ-Tech officially opened their online e-commerce store January this year and have only just started trading. So, can a new company succeed in an already overcrowded market? Read more about Champ-Tech BassBuds

Blue Coffee Box

Blue Coffee Box is a subscription service that puts you in control. You get a choice of a single coffee bag per month or a box containing three different bags per month.

Not only can you choose your own subscription level, but you can also choose how you’d like your coffee. You get a choice between getting your coffee as whole roasted beans, or you can get your coffee already ground for you. If you choose to have your coffee sent to you ground, you can even specify if it’s to be used for a cafetière, dripper, aeropress, or espresso. Read more about Blue Coffee Box