Product Reviews

Srhythm S5 Wireless Earbuds

Today I’ll be writing a review for these Srhythm S5 Wireless Earbuds. I love the audio brand Srhythm, they also produce quality products at affordable prices. I have previously reviewed the Srhythm NC15, NC25, NC35 and NC75 overhead headphones, but this will be my first True Wireless Stereo (TWS) review for Srhythm. Upon first inspection […]

XTAR VC4SL Battery Charger

Today I’ll be writing about the XTAR VC4SL Battery Charger, an upgraded model to the XTAR VC4L Battery Charger which I’ve previously written about. Upon looking at the two models, very little seems to of changed. I guess if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. The VC4SL has some improvements with regards being compatible with […]

The Cornwall Connection

Today I’m writing about The Cornwall Connection, a fantastic small business which sells a wide range of handmade products. I’ll be writing about one of The Cornwall Connection’s most popular product range, a wheat heat pack. Other products include eye pillows, cushion covers, and mixture of home decor items to appease many home tastes. The […]

IMOU Cell 2 Security Camera

Today I’m writing about the IMOU Cell 2 Security Camera, a wireless CCTV unit with a rechargeable 6-month charge battery. Just read that last part again, a wireless camera with a rechargeable 6-month charge battery. That’s right! How impressive does that sound as an opening sentence? That’s what perked my interests when IMOU approached me […]

BLON BL-Max Earphones

Welcome to the first review of 2022 and welcome to my review for the BLON BL-Max Earphones. I have had these in my possession for several weeks now and have tested the heck out of them over the festive period. So, today’s review is based on a serious amount of usage time. This isn’t the […]