Syncwire HDMI Cable

The Syncwire HDMI Cable is a Male to Male high-quality cable which has been designed and built to last.

The Syncwire HDMI cable supports Ethernet, 3D, 4K video and Audio Return Channel (ARC) and hot plugging.  Superior for all 2.0 Standard devices as well as being backwards compatible with previous HDMI Standards (v1.4 & v1.3). Read more about Syncwire HDMI Cable

KOVEBBLE X3 Bluetooth Earphones

The KOVEBBLE X3 Bluetooth Earphones are a lightweight, portable and a comfortable pair of earphones that can be used for just about any Bluetooth enabled device.

You get noise cancellation, 4.1 Bluetooth connection technology, and a large battery life so you’ll be able to enjoy your audio whilst you jog, walk, or just sit there like a couch potato! Read more about KOVEBBLE X3 Bluetooth Earphones

Sephia SP9090 Earphones

The Sephia SP9090 Earphones are a universal set of bass driven earphones for just about any device, including smartphones and MP3 players.

You get high powered 10mm neodymium drivers that provide a crisp and balanced sound, with great thumping bass tones too! Read more about Sephia SP9090 Earphones