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Betron D51 Speaker

The Betron D51 Speaker is equipped with the most advanced Bluetooth technology.

It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices including the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung mobile phones, tablets, computers, pc, laptops etc. Read more about Betron D51 Speaker

Kroots KRT50

The Kroots KRT50 Speaker not only looks sleek and stylish but is also a fantastic all round everyday music speaker.

Two full range drivers allow the KRT50 speaker to deliver a crisp high frequency as well as a responsive, accurate, warm bass. Read more about Kroots KRT50

Betron V7 Earphones

These sporty looking earphones by Betron promise to offer 6 hours of continuous music or talk time whilst also offering a quality wireless Bluetooth connection.  The V7 earphones offer High Definition and unparalleled rock-solid bass with an ultra-crisp treble. Read more about Betron V7 Earphones

Betron Retro Headphones

This retro looking over-ear headphone by Betron promise to offer a powerful, clear sound production with an added retro cosmetic look.  Being supplied with a standard headphone cabled jack plug these can be used in any application including smartphones, MP3 players, laptops and more.  The cushioned ear cups are designed for comfort and cancel out any external noise sources. Read more about Betron Retro Headphones