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This page helps you to add your listing to the My Helpful Hints Business Directory. Submission is done via a simple Google Form. It’s the easiest method to correctly collect your business details.

Benefits to the Business Directory.

This is not like any other Business Directory that you may have seen before. It works best with as many people as possible coming together using correct business tags. These tags are keywords, which enable visitors to easily select your business based on their search query.

So, if your business is making handmade candles, a keyword of candle will locate your profile page. It also doesn’t matter if a user searches a singular/plural keyword phrase, you’ll still be located. For example, candle/candles will show the same result.

Each submitted business gets their own profile which features a description, clickable links to your website and/or selling platforms and allows users to easily locate your social media accounts too.

You can add your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts on the submission form. All entries will gain a My Helpful Hints follow too, if not already following!

As a member you gain access to a growing Twitter community, this is proving very popular with impressive impression rates via the unique #MHHSBD hashtag.

That’s not all, users can send registered businesses a message. This message will go directly to your usual email inbox, from there you can simply reply (as you would normally do with any other email), all without having to go through the My Helpful Hints website.

All profiles are Google SEO friendly, so any Google searches will instantly locate your My Helpful Hints profile page.

To summarise, the My Helpful Hints Small Business Directory includes:

  • ✅ SEO Friendly Profile
  • ✅ Links to website/selling marketplace
  • ✅ Email direct to your mailbox
  • ✅ Logo included
  • ✅ Social media links
  • ✅ Inclusion into Twitter list and supportive groups, with lots of retweets and help
  • ✅ Use of a special #MHHSBD hashtag
  • ✅ Instagram likes/shares etc
  • ✅ A My Helpful Hints Small Business Directory supporters badge

The cost of this service is just £10 per year.

I aim to get all correctly submitted applications published onto the website within 2 working days (usually a lot quicker). I’ll ensure all submitted information has been correctly inputted. I’ll also be checking links, and business tags.

Add your listing.

Fill out your details below and select either the 14 day free trial (then charged £10 per year after the 14 day period, can be cancelled) or select the £10 yearly fee to become a member. Don’t forget to follow both @MyHelpfulHints_ and @MHHSBD on Twitter upon completion

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Please describe your business, this will be visible to web visitors.
This is the most important feature of the whole directory. You can choose 5 tags that best describe your business. So if you're a business who works with wood, you might select: Wood, Chair, Coaster, Ornaments, Candle Holder. Both Singular/Plural search terms will locate your listing, so if someone searches chair or chairs for example your listing will be located. Add each tag using a comma to separate each one.
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