Here goes! Second attempt of writing a newsletter!
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It's that time again, manual newsletter creation filled with lots of spelling and grammatical mistakes!


This is the 2nd time of creating a newsletter, some of you may be confused as this will be your first newsletter from me, but some of you are new, and others I couldn't be bothered to move across to the system in time last week as it was too tedious, but thankfully I've now done all that nonsense. 


Today (Wednesday 27/10/2021) I wrote a review for the TACKLIFE DC01 Digital Caliper, I've linked to it below, along with last weeks helping of the CCZ Emerald IEM Earphones.


Other things have been happening since the last newsletter too, like website updates and SEO work, you'll notice a marked improvement of website loading speeds and new social media sharing icons too, you're now able to share across a wider range of channels. 


Thank you, and that's enough waffling from me for another week.



27th October 2021
TACKLIFE DC01 Digital Caliper
Today I’ll be writing about the TACKLIFE DC01 Digital Caliper. This affordable measuring tool is something you never knew you needed, until you realise after all that you can’t be…
21st October 2021
CCZ Emerald IEM Earphones
Today I’ll be reviewing these CCZ Emerald IEM Earphones. This is my second review for CCZ. First impressions are the absolute beauty of these IEM’s, thought I’d put that across…
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