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Welcome to April
Welcome to April, yes 4 months have passed already. This week I have two new reviews to share (linked below) as last week I couldn't be arsed to write a newsletter out and thought I'd do a two for one special offer for you. I'm actually running a giveaway for the XTAR VC$SL Battery Charger if you're interested, it's a simple Twitter giveaway, nothing sexy, all the details can be found on my pinned Twitter post. This week for the My Helpful Hints Small Business Directory I added the option for you lovely peeps to add some business reviews. Very easy to do, simply pop along to the directory, see your besties, click their business name to open the detailed information, then write a rating a little further down. In 3 days we've had over 100 reviews published, lots of lovely comments too, I also believe leaving reviews helps the person get seen more in Google search rankings, or I might've made that bit up, can't remember now as I've been busy doing multiple things at once. Any who, I'm rambling on, so I'll wrap it up for now, take care. Darren
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29th March 2022
Srhythm S5 Wireless Earbuds
Today I’ll be writing a review for these Srhythm S5 Wireless Earbuds. I love the audio brand Srhythm, they also produce quality products at affordable prices. I have previously reviewed…
24th March 2022
XTAR VC4SL Battery Charger
Today I’ll be writing about the XTAR VC4SL Battery Charger, an upgraded model to the XTAR VC4L Battery Charger which I’ve previously written about. Upon looking at the two models,…
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